Bond Girls throughout the years

The "80s Birds" thread set me thinking about Mr Bond's ladies a bit, as a few were mentioned. Each of us, I'd suggest, has a favourite Bond Girl - who is yours? Doesn't need to be the "leading lady" (Gemma Arterton looked decidedly scrumptious in "Quantum of Solace" for instance), post your pics and reasons why.

Mine - either Rosamund Pike in "Die Another Day" or Isabella Scorupco in "Goldeneye" (apologies for not "multi-quoting")



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Shirley Eaton

Why she wasn't given the chance to shine more, I'll never know.

I wouldn't put Brenda on here out of respect, though. Tricky to get the chute open clear of the rotor downdraft but, by God, she nailed it.
There was a parachuting little minx in the last Bond outing.
Did anyone catch her name?

Lucy Lawless would make a great Bond Bird

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Maryam D'Abo was always my favourite...

Sophi Marcau (sp?) always gives me a tingly feeling


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Isabella Scorupco as mentioned on the first post.

I'd crawl a mile through broken glass and hot coals just for a sniff of the exhaust fumes of the laundry van that was taking her shitty kecks away.
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