Bond Forged Between NYFD, & Navy SEAL Team

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Trip_Wire, Oct 17, 2007.

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  1. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP

  2. Trip,

    The NYFD is not real popular around these parts so be prepared for the flame to follow. Cheers!
  3. Are you kidding or is this more '' They all have Irish names so they must be IRA supporters'' bullshit.
  4. You have lost me there, Shrek. It wasn't them that we had to cover for on Op Fresco, was it? :?
  5. Chris Neopolitano does'nt sound particularly Irish.....
  6. That's because it isn't, and because they don't all have Irish names. Unfortunately, I've seen British poster (from ARRSE) on an American board say as much. That he saw all the Irish names of the dead FDNY members killed on 9/11 and thought that they got what they deserved.
  7. Well then the poster should be re-educated with a big sharp pointy thing. That's not the consensus in the UK and I will happily correct anyone who asserts such a thing in my presence.

    I find it difficult to believe that's what Shrek was implying - more probable that he was referring to Firemen in general not being too popular due to the strike they carried out a few years back here.

    Although I;m far from sure, it's a very random statement from Shrek...
  8. So from one post you immediately assume that we will jump on the bandwagon ? you may or may not be aware that members of the UK Armed Forces had to cover a Firemans strike a couple of years ago over pay when on average, a fireman is on £6000 more per annum than a Private. Fireman are not particularly popular here. Obviously nothing against the NYFD.
  9. I know who the poster is... not Red Shrek though.
  10. It seems my comments have caused some ire. From the time I've spent on ARRSE, I've come to understand that some of the lot on here link NORAID to the FDNY and all that jazz and that was where my comments came from. If the opinions have changed then accept my apology for the post I made.
  11. Yeah. He said ''The NYFD isn't real popular around these parts...''.

    Sort of specific, don't you think?
  12. I don't believe the NYFD enters the thoughts of the vast majority on this site, let alone gives cause for animosity. However, there is still some resentment towards striking UK firemen for the reasons previously stated.
  13. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP

    I find some of the discussion in this thread comical, if it wasn’t for how really tragic such comments are.

    I was especially incensed by one poster’s comments that the 340 fireman responding to the Twin Towers emergency that were killed, “Got what they deserved!”

    I sure have a problem with this view. These brave firefighters were trying to evacuate innocent people from a burning and collapsing building and were killed doing their sworn life saving duties. What did they do to deserve this fate? Does he (Poster) think these victims all supported the IRA? All were of Irish decent?

    He (Poster) hints at Irish names and support for the IRA, etc. Did he ever look at a NY phone book or for that matter most of the large Cities on the Eastern seaboard? They are full of Irish names! Very few supported the IRA. I gave an Irish name and I didn't support the IRA or PIRA!

    The fact is, that many people with Irish names didn’t support the IRA in any way, shape or form! There were according to Stats, more people in the UK that supported the IRA and PIRA with funds than Americans.

    Yes both the NYPFD as well as the NYPD have many people of Irish decent. They also have as many if not more people, from other ethnic backgrounds as well. (Italians, German, Polish, Jewish, African, you name it! Many of them were KIA that day as well!

    Also there were either 23 NYPD and 37 Port Authority police officers, killed that day, trying to save lives too! Did they deserve to die too?

    Here in the USA Fire and Policeman cannot strike, as it is against the law. So, I fail to see why our fireman should be disliked , because you haven’t prevented your fireman by law from striking. What has your fireman’s strike got to do with our non-striking fireman? :roll:
  14. Nothing, Trip. But firefighters in general are not held in high regard by some in the british forces because they went on strike when the forces could least afford to cover the strike - the run up to war.

    You're jumping the gun by saying that we associate NYFD etc. with support for the IRA, Trip. No-one on this thread has said that. Shrek didn't either, he just said some one the board might feel like that.
  15. More bollocks about UK firefighters. It's been done to death on here, I am one who was on strike, we were shafted by the government and they used you to help break the strike, just like the Police were used against the miners. Do you think this government give a shit about soldiers, when they decide to shaft you lot yet again what will you do about it? Bend over and take it again? Sometimes enough has to be enough. BTW, take a look at the pay and conditions (and pension) of the NYFD compared to firemen in the UK. Not a bad job if you want it.
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