Bond at Chicksands???

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by g2_loony_bin, Nov 15, 2006.

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  1. BOND!

    Check out his mil career...

    Did you know about this NTTT?
  2. You'd think that Sony would have taken the time to have that useless gibber checked for spelling and grammar before it was released to the public.........
  3. Looks like a case for the Waltfinder-General!

    "I can smell a Walt..."
  4. Yep, I knew. His photo is on the wall in Templer. Next to the Coke machine.

    Apparently he was internally posted after getting lashed in the Sports and Social and skinny dipping in the river. Also got pissed in Shefford, refused to pay the taxi driver and the Orderly Officer had to jail him for the night. He hung around the Admin Office during free time, chatting up the big breasted clerks.
  5. I think you missed out a bit of detail there,we have been expecting you Commander..
  6. Well - all the chaps wear dinner jackets into breakfast before changing for work so it can be hard to tell apart those doing the Double O course and the UKIAC.

    But I do recall seeing a blond Naval type helping himself to the kippers and museli one morning whilst wearing a balaclava and flippers with the DJ. I would be very happy to deal personally with Cdr Bond's ICA membership and conduct a tour of the more interesting parts of the Priory. :D

    [And at last a blond Bond - shame he isn't from Yorkshire but he will do just nicely! :D :D ]
  7. 'Sony' is only spelt that way because the founder couldn't spell 'sonny'...
  8. Thought he were a Navy Pilot.

    And in the 60s dosn't connery say something about subs? so surely their is a time disparity.
  9. Flippers ? at breakfast.

    Surely "fins," NTTT. After all, you did do the underwater knife-fighting course as part of your pre-Chicksands posting course, didn't you?
  10. No it was definitely a pair of dolphins attached to his feet - the Finns weren't in until the following week on the advanced CDC (Cunning Disguise Course).
  11. I always thought Daniel Craig looked a bit ferrety, now we know why.
  12. Sniper, not bad for a slow Sunday afternoon!
  13. Just seen Casino Royale this evening. Well, he's a bit better than Roger Moore and Pierce (I can drink Guinness, you know) Brosnan , I'll give him that.

    Mrs Dubb (who saw it with a gaggle of female friends yesterday) has suggested I get myself down to the gym a bit more often. Cheek !

    Liked the line "You're just a man with a lazy smile and an expensive watch." Hmmm, now who could that apply to ?
  14. I've got a lazy eye and an expensive habit!
  15. Have also seen the film, and it's a blinder!!! Very real in comparison to the sh1t that was the last few Brosnan ones, tough as nails and would p1ss all over Bourne and Ethan Hunt (Rhym. Slang) in a scrap!

    What was really good about it was the fact that it wasn't filled with the clichés that the producers obviously thought were necessary in the Brosnan era.

    He clearly didn't train at Chickers though, not enough of a drinker!