Bombs Spark Iraq Land Rover Probe

Hot on the heals of a government minister defending the use of Snatch vehicles in Iraq comes this.

I love the smell of U-turns in the morning.

But seriously, congrats to the MOD for realising only x-number of dead and wounded soldiers too late.

*slow hand-clap*
Anyone visited \Ashchurch recently?

The square there bears silent testomanoy to how pap these things are.

What would be the problem with uparmouring 43's.

Cost, oh thats right, bean counters in whitehall must think the money comes directly from their pensions.....
I can't get my head 'round this! Our lads (and in some cases our lasses) are clinking it because there's some sort of parlaying between what keeps them happy and what leads them ending up as a pile of gush in a drain?

They say there's no bread for the protection of our Armed Forces? Am I dreaming? This was just what they told us when I was in and it seems that nothing's changed! What's gone wrong in the meantime?

Sorry it I seem to be barking on, but this is just not good enough. It really is not good enough!!!!

crabby said:
Chalky, you could be detained under terrorism laws for slow hand clapping... that or turn into the WI
All of it? At one time? That's a lot jam you're expecting me to make, Crabby and I don't think I can sing Jerusalem that loudly.

Although I have been craving chintz and small porcelain dogs since this afternoon and i have sudden and focused dislike of effnics.

Not that I'm one to play on stereotypes.

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