Bombing up


I was asked this question this morning, but i couldnt answer it as an non teeth arm bod.

How many UGL rounds are normally carried, how many L2 grenades and or smoke grens are carried and lastly how many 5.56mm loaded mags are carried when in war fighting.
I should know it but I fly a desk, but then again the pen is mighter than the sword.

Don't know about the Grenades, (never got to handle more than one) but IIRC its 6 mags, one bandolier and a handful of tracer.
as many as you can persuade the fookers to give you or as much as you can carry and still stand up. whichever is most appropriate!! I believe the manual says 6 full mags, 4 L2's a bandolier and if applicable; LAW, mortar bombs and GPMG link for platoon/ BG weapon systems as required.
Of course the reality is that you scrounge what you can, when you can.
On 4 I had 6 mags 150rounds in a bandolier(?) & 4 UGL rounds but no grenades, the danes & USMC helped out with more mags & rounds to tie in with the ethos of the more the merrier.
The scale laid down for UGL is 2 DPM bandoliers of 11 rounds each (mixed 40 mm natures). The L2 got replaced with L109A1 in 2001 and there is no laid down amount to be carried with hand or smoke grenades (as much as possible I'd suggest :wink: ).

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