Bombing in Basra

Apologies for the Chinese whispers - well the source is rather good, actually, but I'm hearing that there's been a bombing in Basra...Embassy personnel involved. Anyone got greater visibility of this?
I'll answer my own plea - it's being reported on Sky now:


At least two people have been killed after a British convoy was attacked in the southern Iraqi city of Basra, authorities have said.
The story will develop here.
BBC have picked it up:

Two Britons killed in Iraq attack

Two British security guards have been killed after an attack on a convoy in Basra, southern Iraq, the Foreign Office has confirmed.

A bomb blew up near a British embassy convoy of four-wheel drive vehicles southwest of the city, a British army officer told the AFP news agency.

British consulate spokeswoman Karen McLuskie told Reuters it happened at 0530 GMT as it went through the city

Two Iraqi children may also have been injured in the attack.
The story is here.

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