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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Bravo2nothing, Sep 23, 2005.

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  1. Not sure what this child is going to grow up thinking, torn between two Worlds. The baby's father a terrorist and her Grand Father a British Soldier.

    BBC News
  2. Wow...'s tough to be torn between two worlds, but it seems like the mother is not an insano-radical who would plant terror and whatnot into the girl's mind.. Kids are sort of like a clean slate, so hopefully, her mum will bring her up the right way.
  3. True, true. How the kid will grow up will depend on the people who are still around to tell the story. At least the c0ck of a father took himself out of that particular equation. Good luck to the kid and the family.
  4. Never did understand offwhite folks who convert to Islam. Heard to many comments from Harabs on off white types. Make BNP sound tame.
    Harbs consider themselves white, us are pink Onest.
  5. Of course they will be, in the same way that all of the mosques in Tipton were "looked into" after the Tipton Taliban drama. Well if they were, no fcuker that lives locally ever heard about it and nothing has changed since.

    The only remote hope I cling on to is that "Spooks" is to be believed and that our security services deliberately leave these places alone ala NI to watch and identify players. At least whilst I believe that, Ill believe that something is being done.

    In the meantime, coming from an area that has a muslim “ghetto” up the road, coming from a place where the local mosque has spawned terrorists (who all did Guantanemo), coming from a place where the local muslim community could have said “sorry, it was a minority” but never did, coming from a place that regards the local park as a no go area for whites, Hindu’s, Sikhs (basically none muslims) after dark, coming from a place where the local Sikhs and Hindu’s despise the muslims with a passion that makes the BNP look tame, coming from a place where I sent my Cof E son to an RC school because it was the only one in the catchments area that didn’t force other religions down his throat (i.e. they have an opt out morning mass, they don’t force children into RE), coming from a place where muslims were allowed to burn the US flag and the Union Flag after Sept 11th but local none muslims were arrested for burning an effigy of a Gitmo prisoner, coming from a place where AQ supporters are allowed to stand as candidates with only one newspaper having the bottle to oppose them (The Express & Star if you are interested) but the BNP have very newspaper (including the E & S) opposing them (obviously I’m no supporter in either direction but the PC irony sucks), the list could go on and on and on until arrse ran out of bandwidth.

    My own personal experience after having lived in a multicultural society is that Hindu’s, Sikhs, Buddhists, RC, C of E, etc etc etc seem to have no problems and I have no problems with them.

    Muslims on the whole cry crocodile tears and I wouldn’t trust one as far as I could fcuking throw him.
  6. ^Todmorden?
  7. I could not really give a fcuk about her or her child, send the stupid bitch to a muslim state. And while you are all asking why, ask the families of those that are dead due to the bombings.
  8. Why Ducati? She has condemned it out of hand, and pointed the finger in exactly the same direction I, and other posters close to the community such as A_S above have. She didn't plant the bomb, and she had no idea he was going to plant the bomb. I believe if she had known, her Dad would have got a phone call.
  9. Sorry PTP, I have had enough of pussy footing around these people, every muslim (in my view) is an enemy of the state. Call me narrow minded, call me what you want, this is my opinion. We have to root them out.

    Don't forget that is what the government did to catholics in NI in the early 70's, it was wrong yes, but now we have a colour to identify with and a certain type of worshipping place. Fcuk the lot of them. My view, racist as it may be, its the way I feel.

    I know my views will met with "Oust this racist pig", I am really sorry it has come to this, I know it is not right to tar a race with the same brush, but I do not have confidence in the BBC for protarying these people as peace loving tree huggers, they are not, they are extreme and they will kill more Britains.

  10. Ducati , I am not going to defend your viewpoint here, but please remember , "Muslim" is not a race. The Islamic subject of this story is in fact a convert. Another convert has just been given 15 years. I'd prefer you to edit your remarks accordingly, rather than have to delete your reply out of hand. There are Black Muslims, White Muslims, Chinese Muslims, South Asian Muslims, Mediterranean Muslims etc etc.

    Correct , it is not, because Muslims are NOT a race. You realise that ,and you still posted a rant, in spite of the fact, you know it is wrong, by any rule applied, to condemn an entire race or religion, for the overt actions of a few. It was wrong , to condemn the entire Catholic community for the pub bombings here, but it happened. It is human nature.

    I felt the same as you , when the IRA blew one of my great Aunt's hotels into parked orbit, and repeatedly bombed another one because "I'm not paying money to gangsters" (She sold it in the end) It was she in fact, who pulled me up with "Not all Catholics did this, remember that" In fact , a substantial area of parkland in Belfast was bequeathed by her "In perpituity to the Irish nation, Catholic and Protestant"

    All Muslims are not extremists. I appreciate that is not your view, but that is the case. By all means, you can express the opinion that Islam is in fact a religion motivated by hate, and provide examples of why you think it is so, but condemning "Muslims" as a race out of hand, is not tolerated on this forum, neither would wholesale condemnation of any other race or religion.

    I don't think the BBC can be accused of "tree-hugging" .

    Ducati, as I said before, I would appreciate it , if you were to edit your remarks, because I know you are far from ignorant.

    On another point, and you may not regard it as relevant, her Father is one of us, as pointed out earlier. I wouldn't want to add to his agonies , by having him have to arrive on Arrse to defend his daughter. As I said before, she didn't plant the bomb, and I am firmly of the opinion, if she had known it was what her husband planned, she'd have dobbed him, no dramas.


  11. I think what this woman has done is incredibly brave - I also believe it was probably her Father who suggested that she present herself in this manner. Mind you, not convinced going to the 'Scum' was a wise choice but still, desired effect achieved. We have to remember that she has not been charged with anything and isn't responsible for the actions of her Husband. All that being said, I cannot grasp the nature of the Islamic religion, whether this be through my own ignorance of lack of tollerance, I can't work out why/how someone could convince you that in blowing yourself up, you get to go to paradise, with twelve virgins to boot. It just doesn't make sense.

    I am beginning to feel that some elements of the Muslim community have got it right, wanting to integrate themselves into our society, to show tollerance to other religions but then you get idiots like Omar Bakri Mohammed, who peddle this Shi*te about a Muslim flag flying over number 10. There is no way on this Earth that I and other members of this forum and Great Country would ever allow this to happen. This isn't to say that I hold extremist or racist views but we have beaten better then this knobber before and I doubt realises this. Cnut!
  12. I think you've provided your own counter-argument. It didn't work in NI, did it? So what makes you think it would work here.

    Sun Tzu said 'Know your enemy'. I think he was also implying 'Know also who is not your enemy', and logically it follows that we make bloody sure that we don't alienate anyone who is neutral and turn them into enemies.

    The easiest way to win any fight, and the most important thing to identify, is who are your allies and what makes them so. On whose support can you count and within what constraints, and who can you trust to remain neutral. It is much easier to fight when you know who you are trying to combat, and who you are not.
  13. Personally I hope this young woman receives all the support possible, she's gonna need it.

    That in itself does not help the central issue of Muslim integration into British Society.

    Rightly or wrongly the Muslim world feels Britain and America have commited great attrocities against them, there is also a desire to turn Britain into an Islamic state by Immigration and conversion.

    Somewhere the answer lies to finding a solution for the future not rehashing the mistakes allready made.

    Seems to me that real anwers are in short supply but one thing is apparent, we as a nation must begin to seriously look for a solution and look for it here, not in Iraq or Afghanistan.

    I cant see how religious segregation can work either, nor can I see how encouraging a religious war against segment of our own population would be helpful.

    I am fortunate in living in an area where race and religion issues do not exist, but in travelling around the country it is immediately apparent that the various races and religions living here despise each other and discontent continues to grow.

    Current goverment seems intent on avoiding the issue. If anyone doubts the situation will continue to escalate ask yourself why British nationals feel the need to express themselves by suicide bombing.

    Personnally I care not the colour of somebodies skin or which god they choose to worship but I care passionately that one part of our society thinks it is right and just to murder their fellow Britons on buses and trains

    So where does the answer lie?
  14. I just think it is sad that we have to hide any passion for national identity or patriotism, standing up for believing what our fathers and grandfathers fought for to provide freedom and a better place to live without fear. The fear today is not of a NAZI over-ruling and slipping into a socialist dictatorship but from people who may well be walking down the street next to us saying "good morning" , terrorism is not new, fundamentalism is not new. the difference is this time its state funded! I do agree this woman should be given some support because just because you are involved with someone you are not responsible for their individual actions, however and I know this is a sweeper, "hang around near sh£t , smell like sh£t !" it is true and I challenge anyone to say that is not the majority of people's opinion. To say she would not be aware in any form of his radical thoughts would be stupid and naieve, what happened when he got home in the evening watching the news etc, did they just sit in silence and he uttered nothing in his chair? c'mon it's got bells on!
    I am not a racist in any shape or form, I just feel that if people decide that GB is where they want to settle down and reside, fair play, it's a great place to live, however do not expect us to change our culture,systems or beliefs and general identity just cos you don't like it. If you don't like it I believe there are many planes and boats that will take you to somewhere where you can practice your own beliefs without incrimination! As people we all have a choice, so make the right one, if you want to slate the way we live and what we believe culturally or religously, crack on but hey do it somewhere else, cos as you are finding out, we don't really give a sh£t what you think. We are British and We are Proud of our nation, as an afterthought, hell if we can't make the government do what we want em to do, what the hell gives these people the idea they can !!!!!