Discussion in 'Gunners' started by wellyhead, Jul 15, 2008.

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  1. Got an email from one of my recruits today calling me a Bomber (by email)

    Now any officer in my unit know the price fro calling me bomb (fuse out of my arrse etc) , but I have never been called a Bomber before, my question is, what wittisms can I hit him with tonight ??

    I already have

    "Do i look the sort of person that enjoys airmen inside me and taken to heaven and back 5 times a day?"

    "Do I look the sort of person that enjoys emptying my load all over a German suburb?"

    Any more for any more ?
  2. Well Bom,

    Howabout shaving off all your body hair, wearing a yashmak and a suicide belt, making a video cursing the infadel and then taking the bus to work? I am sure the resulting publicity will get his attention.


  3. You could just punch him in the mouth.
  4. How about,
    "Call me that again and I'll rip your fuckin eyebrows off you CUNT"

    Then kick him in the knackers.
  5. Got an email from one of my recruits today calling me a Bomber (by email)
    Most of the e mails I recieve arrive via e mail.
  6. Just tell him politely the title is not bomber and nexttime he uses it you will creep up on him and pummel him - then you will be a stealth bomber :)
  7. Having known you for seventeen years or so, do you REALLY want me to answer that?
  8. You must accept that you have a position of authority and a duty to provide guidance and education to this wide eyed new Gunner.
    Something along the lines of 'Never under estimate my capacity for sudden and sickening violence' should suffice.
    Then rip his/her throat out.
    Many, many burpees may be a less extreme variation.

    Funny thing though, I remember from our dim and distant past, when being addressed as Bomber by a certain small aggressive Airborne type RSM would have made us puff our chests out, having been accepted as worthy of comment by the best Badge man we'd ever had.
  9. Tell him that you aren't a big, black/grey, ugly thing, which nobody likes. :D
  10. Make him carry a bollard all day and tell him you are dyslexic.
  11. He meant to call you A Bummer :twisted:
  12. Why does one of your recruits have your E-Mail address!!!! I would never have entertained the scrotes with any contact info apart from the Gd/Room or BONCO's number.
  13. TA
  14. Is that your Forces approach to dealing with the hoody problem ? oh sorry should that be Service ?
  15. Sadly, throat ripping is not a currently approved Home Office technique, neither are air strikes. Damn lefties.

    Skilled use of Arty could actually solve a lot of societies problems. Imagine it, 'Fire mission Battery.......Chavs in the open, adjust fire, over'
    'End of mission, mongs retreating in disarray'