bomber memorial ceremony

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Grumblegrunt, Jun 28, 2012.

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  1. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    well done the raf for managing to get 5 tornadoes flying all at the same time and shame on the bbc for not showing it live on a proper channel.
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  2. The BBC comments pages have already got a smattering of Dresden / mass murder comments. Am not going to repeat them here.

    I must say the statue is terrific. Something not often said when it comes to modern sculpture.

    (as an aside, the newspaper video / audio and print coverage of the event is far better than anything the Beeb has offered. Again)
  3. Not for nothing do I re-name the BBC as the Brittass Broadcorpsing Castration, because that bunch of left wing nailbiting **** arse twats who run the joint willfully hack the balls off anything vaguely right wing or in any way praiseworthy in respect of the past victories and glories of our Armed Forces, and I call foul scorn on the whole rotten bunch from the Controller on down to Andrew bloody Marr etc.

    Rant over, awaiting incoming.
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  5. Thought the memorial was fantastic,the sculptors attention to detail was brilliant.

    For the Beeb,and all those other pointless lefties,who talk out of their collective arses.......................The Germans spent 3 months bombing London alone,not to mention all the other cities in the UK,and they were ******* useless at it,but we were infinitely better.

    As for Dresden,mega-rail,and road hub,legitimate target,as for Hamburg,we just started the fire,God kept it going,I've had this conversation many times whilst in the DDR,and have always said it's sad,but no apology. ;-)
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  6. It is not a memorial to bombing tactics or strategy - just simply a monument to the young men who served in Bomber Command. Why are those who criticise unable to see this simple fact?
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  7. The statue's great. BBC News - Bomber Command Memorial moves veterans Looks like the Grauniad didn't bother to show the detail, in the "Amnesiac classical': the Bomber Command memorial in Green Park, London". This, to use his own impotent words, despite Moore's bewildering and hollow piece in that rag. Anyway it's up now, that fine memorial to, they say, 55,573 aircrew. Long overdue but they got their statue and some old veterans even got to see it. Nothing the dissenters can do except snipe and whinge.
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  8. ancienturion

    ancienturion LE Book Reviewer

    I watched on BBC news and then the re-run later. I turned the sound off as soon as the person called Michael Sergeant started talking about the controversy at the time.
    There was no controversy at that time. We were involved in a total war with the Axis Powers (teachers can only spell Nazi and do not realise there was a world war going on at that time) where we had to win or be dominated.
    The likes of these sneering people with their media degrees know nothing of what really happened but do have the freedom to say what they wish, thanks to HM Armed Forces.

    My father was in Bomber Command but only ever mentioned it once. I have had some hectic moments during my service but I do not really think I would have been at all happy about having to keep going back to the same contact, night after night after night. He, and his kind, were/are a special breed.

    What did put me off was how dusty the service was!
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  9. It's being shown again tonight on BBC2 at 23:20hrs.

    Just saying like...
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  10. Blimey that's late. I walked past the Memorial this evening, disappointed to see litter proped up against it in the enclosed area, Joe Public was not allowed in or me.
  11. Because,Churchill wouldn't acknowledge,their contribution to bringing the War to an end,and everyone knew Churchill was 'a good old boy',and if he didn't acknowledge them,then neither would the 'Establishment'!

    Because since the 60's,anything to do with,WW1,and WW2 was slowly dropped from the curriculum,unless it pertained to the great Russian sacrifice,defending their homeland,alone!

    And,the living history,was slowly but surely passing away,those still alive are normally reluctant to discuss what they did,so the lefties had it all to themselves.
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  12. Written by Rowan Moore, brother of Charles Moore- erstwhile editor of the Telegraph. I can't imagine Chas coming out with a sentence like this (refering to the memorial); 'Its tone is defiant and triumphant, using quotations from Churchill and Pericles to justify the bombings.'

    'Justify the bombings'? when the Germans had brought misery and death to the world for the second time in less than a quarter of a century? They were collectively responsible and their own pilots had already visited hideous atrocities on countless towns and cities; Guernica, Rotterdam, Warsaw, London and Coventry, flattened to the seeming satisfaction of the volk.

    If Rowan Moore wants to make catty remarks about the design of the memorial then let him, that's his prerogative as a writer on architecture, but to question the strategy of a nation desperate to strike back in the only meaningful way it could, and to insinuate that the men who flew the missions were little better than war criminals, is wilfully, foolishly and unnecessarily provocative. He needs to take his doric columns and shove them where the sun doesn't shine.

    Tellingly I never heard war-generation Germans saying such things about bomber crews, it's only recently that their dangerous national trait of perceiving themselves as victims, rather than perpetrators, has reemerged.
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  13. It's the nature of the beast. In the last 20 years we have apologised for slavery, potato famine, Black and Tans, Kenya Mau Mau, Amritsar massacre 1919, mistreating terrorists (plus compensation), Dresden and anything else someone with an axe to grind can think up. The 125,000 who served in Bomber Command deserved a memorial as much as the few of Battle of Britain fame. It was only the commotion in the House of Lords by the Bishop of Winchester and others condemming the bombers from '44 onward that started Churchill backpedalling in '45 when he was preparing his memoirs and place in history. Bomber Command's losses were on par with the German U Boat crews but I don't see the Germans condemming their guys for all the civilians they sent to the bottom. They just acknowledge the losses and say it was part of the war. It's time we did too and this (and previous) gutless govt should stand up for those who died for us. Don't hold your breath though. Unless there's a photo shoot involved forget it.
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  14. ancienturion

    ancienturion LE Book Reviewer

    I have just watched a far more balanced programme on Yesterday titled "Who Betrayed the Bomber Boys". I think it is being re-run on Yesterday+1 now.
    Sensible facts, sensible questions. But, then again, those involved in the presentation seem to be older (and much wiser perhaps).