Bomber McGuinness "would rather die than name comrades&

Time to close this chapter.

How can we ever get to the truth, if the other team refuse to name names?
If he would sooner die than name his comrades why not despatch a group of people to help him on his way

What happened to the war on terror that Tony is so keen to leap to the side of the septics....
What really pi55es me off is how they allways bang on about Bloody Sunday and all the so called atrocities that the British Govt have carried out in the province.

We should start having processions through Belfast to honour the Para's that were blown up at Warrenpoint soon after, or have a national holiday to celebrate the lives of the Lisburn fun runners that were killed in the name of the "Republican struggle".

The Bloody Sunday enquiry were so keen to name all those involved from the Parachute Regiment so why won't McGuinness play the game? any terrorist from back then will probably be given a pardon and awarded compensation from HMG for even being considered a bad lad by British Intelligence.

On another Vain, I'm off on a fundraising trip to New York this Xmas, so anyone wishing to donate, please send cheques made payable to the "EATSH1T (English Al Quaida Terrorist Support, Help and Information Trust" Apparantly, those Americans are quite generous when it comes to people rattling tins......
"....soon after...." - Not quite, Oggy. The Warrenpoint massacre occurred in August 1979, over seven years after 'Bloody Sunday'.

On another thread, Ramillies suggests that in order to achieve a just and lasting peace in these islands, the British people, institutions and government have to bite the bullet and concede that the (actually monstrous) injustices perpetrated upon the Irish people over the centuries now justify the situation where a gangster/terrorist hegemony can impose its' will onto the electorate (if I've over-stated his case, I'm ready to be corrected!) I have some, but not much, sympathy for that view, as I've always thought that the moderate nationalists had an excellent case; however at the instant when the tactics of terrorism started to be used to enforce an opinion onto the populace, the right of those using those tactics to any sort of voice in the future of the country should have been forever lost.

In this particular case, it strikes me that the immense hypocrisy of McGuinness is just more of the same; he has consistently and very publicly lied about his role in PIRA for over thirty years, so there's no reason why he should suddenly start telling the truth, just because everybody else is required to do so in order to get some sort of clear(er) picture of what actually happened. In fact, if he did not lie, his credibility with his organisation would diminish rapidly.

But then, I can't see this exercise producing much more than a fudged account anyway. How many more hospitals and schools could we have had instead...........?

Sorry for the inaccuracies on dates, the point I was trying to make was the attrocites carried out by PIRA far outway the single lapse of judgement by the Para Regt on that day, it's a shame that the media don't see it that way.

I have always said that, allthough controversial, one way of sorting the problems out over there is to give anything North of the Foyle back to the Republic, by way of a bit of an experiment. This would show the rest of the Province where people's loyalties really lie. When the benefits are reduced from being a member of the UK to that of the Republic of Ireland, we'll see how much of an oppressive regime they really think we are when the Creggan starts to empty.

All of the school teachers in XMG come over to work from ROI because they get paid better.

Just ramblin' :?
does anyone remember the tv programme where the big fat bloke challenged criminals on camera and normally ended up getting punched. i remember he did a programme on m mcg, and included lots of evidence on his murder connections. nothing ever came of it, i wonder why.
What are people on this site doing reading the Guardian?
As was said before, "Know your enemy" you should always know what the lefty press are saying about you. Seing as they often print huge inaccuracies (as do most of the press) it always gives you plenty of ammo to use against tree-hugging, pinko, soap-dodger types :twisted:
With regard to :
5_mile_sniper said:
What are people on this site doing reading the Guardian?

Seeing as they often print huge inaccuracies (as do most of the press) it always gives you plenty of ammo to use against tree-hugging, pinko, soap-dodger types
Suggested Reading Material:

Oops my political affiliations may be a tad obvious now.

God Save the Queen.
Earlier, Mr McGuinness told the inquiry he left the IRA almost 30 years ago, in the early 1970s
I am speechless, the lying bast*** , right there that statement above shows what a lying bast*** he is and what makes me even more angry is THEY even ackmowledge his existence let alone allow him to be an MP

should have slotted him when I had the chance, would have been out now!
Some say that the original west foyle tapes are still in someone's basement.

Perhaps in this climate of truth and reconciliation we may yet hear the true PIRA remix of Bloody Sunday.
A CD ? on the Reprise label perhaps??

I'm sure the minister of education would want to ensure that history was portrayed corrctly for future generations??



now pull up a sandbag time!

I'm sure there were protestant militia /terrorist groups who caused us grief as well in the province, did they all disarm and get up to no mischief at all, or are they been seen to be totally forgiven?
Prodies, give us a break!! ( call yourselves an army??)

They were more like the Marx brothers that the INLA!!!

No one can deny there were attrocities, but surely most of theirs were more by luck than judgement??

Most could't organise a p155 up in the clock bar


if there is one thing that this old process has taught us.....
"if u r willing to fight dirty for 25+ years, then the HMG will give u a pardon, money and everthing will b ok"

oh well.......................

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