Bomber Jackets

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by gunnerfalkey, Dec 7, 2008.

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  1. Donot suppose you own a pair of dessie wellies and a pair of blue denims
  2. They're fine as long as you actually want to look like one of the bouncers in Phoenix Nights.

  3. Can I also recommend Ray Ban Aviator shades, and the song "You've Lost That Loving feeling"?

  4. Hahahaha. Lt Mitchells jacket was leather actually! :D
  5. Bought an orginal MA1 years ago 1975ish still in good condition, did have a MA1 blanket lined, looks good with a pair of faded Levi 501.
  6. dunno why but "YMCA" just played itself in my head...
  7. Oh and i do in fact have dessie boots.

    Would wearing them with the said jacket look good?

    I need to know i am going out soon.

    Fashion advice plz baberz
  8. woody owns one seriously geeky label he smokes a pipe and lives in portsmouth :twisted:
    so your look options are
    aging homosexual
    nightclub bouncer
    aging skinhead
    or weirdo who hangs out on here smokes a pipe and spends time playing with machine guns.
    forget fashion you need help :evil:
  9. sound reason not to wear one.
  10. You are so right in so many ways!

    Please don't wear it in public as I will be so embarresed for Queer as Folk!!!
  11. If you want that retro look, then why not go the whole hog and wear a norgie with Ron Hills and a Barbour? I found MA1s useless: non-water repellent, non-thermal, storage space nil. Ideal for block-to-bop bimbles and that's about it.
  12. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    'non-water repellent, non-thermal, storage space nil'

    to which I would say - and? theyre not a serious field jacket are they? if you want something waterproof with plenty of pockets, then I daresay Blacks or Cotswolds should be the place to go. As for the non thermal, maybe not as designed particularly - but my current one (sage green, natch) makes me sweat like OJ about to take his first prison shower. A design classic and a fashion classic. Now where did I park my Lambretta...
  13. For sartorial elegance hows about:
    Buffalo Special 6 shirt in olive,
    Desert wellies
    Rolex / Seiko / Omega with NATO strap.

    If that lot ain't Ally then ...........................I'll go get changed :oops:

  14. I nicked an Og one from 10th CAV Avn Coy in thr 70s while on EX with them in Budingen, still got it and it's dead a

    Cwo2 Freyer sorry mate it was me