Bomber Command veteran snubbed over attending new war memorial

Discussion in 'Royal Air Force' started by spike7451, Jun 10, 2012.

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  1. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    (Apologies,it's the Daily Wail)

    So the are 6.5k tickets given out for the unveiling,this chap helped raise money for the Bomber Command war memorial,won the DFC in the war yet he's told he cannot attend...

    I wonder how many of these tickets have gone to politicians & clingons?..The can't be many Bomber Command veterans left now anyway,but this quote in the article puzzles me;

    Is that seven members of his Squadron/crew or Bomber Command veterans as a whole?...

    Freddie Johnson, 91, denied a place at Bomber Commander memorial which he helped raise funds for | Mail Online
  2. 92 missions? Bloody hell, he had much more than his fair share of luck.
  3. Steady, this is the RAF we are talking about, He might be a War Vetren with Brass balls, but a crab, none the less.
  4. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Sorry mate,but I find your comment uncalled for,my father was also bomber command,I find your comment insulting to him & others like him.
    You may not like the RAF,I don't really care,but I'll bet the's a few Army bloke who wouldn't be here today without that Harrier or Tornado dropping a bomb on a Taliban shithole.
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  5. The RAF of his day was not the den of whingeing malingerers we all know and love and anyman who lobbed 92 chemical toilets out the door over Nazi Germany deserves our respect (at least until proved a lying walt by a court of his peers!).

    He wasn't driving the truck which killed a particular labrador who's name escapes me, after all! That was a fighter station.
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  6. The one good thing about this appearing in a national newspaper (even the Daily Mail) is that they might be able to shame the organisers into inviting this man with a gold edged invitation card and public apology. He should be unveiling the memorial and has more right than most people to be there. Somebody needs their arse kicking over this.
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  7. Can't he tell them he is really Barry Gibb ?
  8. It says at the bottom of the article, that the organisers prioritised the veterans and the families of those killed... there are another 1,000 disappointed bods...
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  9. Maybe some of the never served, totally unrelated, only there to be seen to be there, hangers on should give up their seat, then there'd only be 999 left to worry about. It's probably very difficult to keep everyone happy, but this old lad won't see many more XMas' so it would be nice to see him get the opportunity to see what he helped create. Either that, or make more ******* space and more tickets to accommodate the 1000 who are going to miss out. Would it really be that much trouble?
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  10. In all fairness, the organisers have probably acted reasonably. They've got to set a closing date and Freddie missed it.

    That doesn't mean that has to be the end of it, though. How difficult would it be for the licence issuer (Mayor of London?) to amend the licence to "6500 plus WW2 Bomber Command Veterans"?

    It's not as if Freddie needs a seat.
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  11. It's fine setting a date for aplications but why should this man who actually helped to raise the funds to build it in the first place, have to apply for anything? He should have been first on the list, way before all the other hangers on. The organisers may have acted reasonably and all they need to do now is act 'reasonably' and shove someone off the end to let this man in.
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  12. You wanna bet that shitloads of hangers-on from the Commons,and Lords,will be sitting in the front row!
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  13. Aye. The same ones that have avoided giving Bomber Command a campaign medal. 55,573 dead, average age 22, the only consistent and visible demonstration to Western Europe for 3 years that the war was being taken to the Germans.
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  14. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Dad was 21 when he volunteered as the was no compulsory call up in NI during the war.
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  15. Not just a gunner but a "tail end charlie" as well, imagine sitting completely isolated from the rest of the crew for over 90 missions watching out for nightfighters, seeing all the flak exploding around him (seemingly thick enough to walk on as another veteran pilot I had the honour of knowing said) , seeing other aircraft being shot down around him and being shot down twice himself, once behind enemy lines! The man is not only entitled to be at this opening, as ALL of the survivors are, but should have the gutless politicians & their clingons be made to give them priority & the recognition they deserve!!
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