Bomber Command to get Clasp and Arctic Convoy to get new Star



Not sure if this has been posted elsewhere but this seems to be the right place, seems to be good news and perhaps very overdue:

SPVA Bank holiday weekend closure

Oddly named link but does go to right place!!!!

The Prime Minister has welcomed Sir John Holmes' review into the rules and principles governing the award of military campaign medals
In Parliament on 19th December, the Prime Minister, David Cameron, welcomed the conclusion of the second part of Sir John Holmes’ review into the rules and principles governing the award of military campaign medals.
As part of his review, which was requested by Mr Cameron, Sir John Holmes has recommended new medals for veterans of the Arctic Convoys and Bomber Command Second World War campaigns.
The Prime Minister has agreed that there is a case for the new medals.
Veterans of the Arctic Convoy campaigns will get recognition with an Arctic Convoy Star medal. Meanwhile, the aircrew of Bomber Command who played such a vital role in the war will be awarded a Bomber Command clasp.
More information on how to apply will be available in the New Year Applications cannot be accepted at this time.
The Prime Minister said:
I’m very pleased that some of the brave men of the Arctic Convoys will get the recognition they so richly deserve for the very dangerous work they did.
On Bomber Command, Sir John concluded they have been treated inconsistently with those who served Fighter Command. He’s therefore recommended – and I also agree - that the heroic aircrews of Bomber Command should be awarded a Bomber Command clasp.

Minister of State for Defence Personnel, Welfare and Veterans Mark Francois said:
My own father served in World War Two and I believe those that have served our country in Bomber Command and on the Arctic Convoy deserve nothing but the utmost respect and admiration from us all. I am delighted that I can confirm that both of these special groups of men who served will be able to receive a new form of recognition next year, as announced by the Prime Minister today. We are looking at the implementation of this and hope to make a further announcement by the spring.
The Coalition Agreement included a commitment to review the rules surrounding the award of military campaign medals, as part of work to strengthen the military covenant.
The remainder of the second part of Sir John Holmes’ review will report back in the New Year, when the Ministry of Defence will also set out eligibility criteria for the medals and clasps.


About time sadly most of those who are eligable are dead by now
Agreed the timing does seem to make the exercise a little pointless. It is also true that whilst they did not get a specific medal they did get the Atlantic Star (they will now get a new Arctic Star) and Bomber Command got the Aircrew Europe Star (they will now get a clasp to this or on 1939 - 45 Star not sure).

Will this open the flood gates for D-Day clasps etc. and even the dreaded NDM?

It is still odd that of all the theatre stars issued in WW2 only one had additional clasps - Africa Star (and this was very controversial). The Battle of Britain clasp was on the 1939 - 45 War Star.
About time sadly most of those who are eligable are dead by now
Like my mates Bill (air gunner on Wellingtons) and Ken (CPO on HMS Boadicea - one of 12 out of 188 to survive her sinking). Both died in the last five years. Managed to get Ken his Arctic Star badge and Russian Medal in the year before he died.

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