Bomber Command memorial trustees face ruin

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by pandaplodder, Jul 3, 2012.

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  1. War veterans face paying £700,000 out of their own pockets to unveil the Bomber Command Memorial because the Government is refusing to stump up the cash.

    The pensioners, who are trustees of the Bomber Command Association, will be personally liable for the cost of staging the event if they fail to raise the money through donations.

    The charity has spent five years raising £6.5million to build the new memorial.

    Earlier this month, David Cameron gave the trustees hope when he told MPs the Government had ‘the ability to intervene’ if funds were not raised in time.

    But now the trustees, who include four Bomber Command veterans, have been told the Ministry of Defence will not help.

    The MOD claim it is not allowed to give to charities, despite records showing it has donated to 28 charitable bodies in the past five years.

    War veterans face ruin | British Forces News
  2. How much has the tax payer chipped in for the bloody Olympics?
  3. Nearly 3/4 of a million quid just for the unveiling ceremony ? It staggers me how much things can cost in this country. Hope they find some way of covering the cost, maybe they should`ve charged all the hangers on a ticket price ?
  4. Disgusting. £700,000 is a lot of money to most people. Compared to the Billions the government spunks up the wall, it's small change.

    I sincerely hope they manage to raise the funds. Anyone have a link to where donations can be made?
  5. Trustees are always theoretically personally liable but this tends not to be rigidly enforced by the Charities Commission.

    If the event cost £.7m, who were the creditors?
  6. IIRC the event was within the Royal Parks, and currently there is only one company licensed to sell services within those parks, Seating, Toilets, Marquee Hire, staging and all ancilliary items. In short a monopoly. It was not helped by the MOD reneging on an offer to assist in paying for the opening ceremony....

    Defence Secretary Philip Hammond accused of hypocrisy over Bomber Command Memorial - Telegraph
  7. That won't last, the MOD is playing roulette hoping the wealthy backers of the memorial itself will cough up. Still pretty dishonourable of Hammond - shows his character was formed in the world of business and profit.
  8. The H word again, like a bad smell you can't get rid of!

    As above anyone know where donations can be made?
  9. It's the usual thing - unless there's a photo op they aren't interested, even though HM attended it wasn't classed as an official Govt do so no spndooks!
  10. Thanks for the link. Dropped them something toward outstanding amount.

    The total cost, according to their web site, is close to £6 million so they've raised a heck of a lot already.

    I'm disappointed at the lack of Heritage Lottery Money and I would be surprised if MoD coughed up toward this.
  11. I'd invite them to take the veterans to court over it and see how that plays out.
  12. I foresee a resurrection of the TCH acronym...
  13. If only it had been a memorial to the Afghans, and other ethnic minorities who did so much for so little thanks, I'm sure the lottery fund could have helped out.

    How much are the taxpayers giving Seb Coe and Boyle (a dodgy legal firm, or embarrassing social disease if ever there was one) to open the crappy olympics?
  14. Weasel words, chosen carefully I'm sure. Having the "ability to intervene" does not mean there is any intention to intervene.