Bomber Command Memorial foundation stone laid

Discussion in 'Royal Air Force' started by MoD_RSS, May 5, 2011.

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  2. Not before bloody time.

    It's a national disgrace these men were not properly commemorated or the surviving Bomber Command aircrew awarded proper recognition in 1945.
  3. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    About time,I am sad that my late father did not live to see this.
  4. It's a pity that the blokes that had the highest casulaty rate of any of the British arms during the war were ignored afterwards but better late than never -good news!
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  5. My grandfather was in the RAAF, (seconded from RAF) during WW II, this memorial is long awaited.

    Per ardua ad astra.
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  6. Just before everyone gets in to some grieffest about the Bomber crews lack of memorial.

    The IS a specific RAF memorial in London. Admittedly it covered all of the RAF. There has been a flying memorial (City of Lincoln but renamed now IIRC) with the RAF Memorial flight. Flying since the 1970s.

    Back to Bomber Command. Britain was fcuked up royally by bombers. Admittedly they were German but, it is understandable why, perhaps, this sort of thing was quietly allowed to die down a bit. The fighters protected Britain, but the Bombers had more dire memories.

    Worth pointing out that the Dutch have had a memorial to the crews of RAF Bomber Command for decades. But they remember a more humane mission for the crews... dropping food to a starving populace, cut off by the advancing allies from supplies after D Day.
  7. i totally agree, the thought that these men can and have been tainted by the same brush as the SS, is abhorent we were at war at the time and Harris was a genius that payed for his service more than others, moving mud is always less photographic than dropping me109's over kent.
  8. Nothing to do with photogenic attributes.

    As an aside is there a specific Fighter Command memorial? Excluding generic RAF/Armed Forces/those who died memorials and memorials to teh BoB?
  9. Not to take away from Bomber Command but wasn't that the Merchant Navy?
  10. As a percentage of men committed, no as I understand it.

    I've always felt that they should have got their own campaign medal.
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  11. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    My Dad never talked about the war,apart from to an ex-Luftwaffe aircrewman who was the father of the owner of the Gasthaus they stayed at when they came out to visit me in Germany.The both of them got very drunk that night,the son translated for them both,both of them in tears.I suppose they realised they were doing the same job on different sides.I gather Dad & the Germans father kept in touch after my parents returned to the UK.
    I took Dad around the war graves & he'd stop at certain ones like he knew the person there.The only thing Dad said about the war was that bombing Dresden should never have happened.
  12. ask a person about the RAF in WW2 they tend to respond spitfire, hurricane.. Bomber command took the fight to the enemy when we needed them to. Its public recgnition that counts for the few left alive!
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  13. Too many civvies blown to pieces to get all triumphalist about.
  14. I am aware of such things. And it is fantastic news that this is finally getting going.

    However, remember what Bomber Command did. British cities endured being on the receiving end for quite some time. I beleive that it was this, and the slightly pungent aroma of such bombings as Dresden and the American nuking of two cities that put paid to a public Bomber Command tribute at the time.
  15. The Battle of Britain Memorial is on the Embankment behind Main Building. Very impressive bit of bronze, too. Worth some time when you next visit CGS in Main Building!

    There is a memorial to Fighter Command at Capel-le-Ferne in Folkestone. Pretty impressive, too.

    The RAF also has a large memorial at Runnymede.

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