Bombed out on the East Coast - DM does it again..

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by HE117, Jul 24, 2012.

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  1. Another article in the best traditions of the Daily Mail..

    Landslide uncovers 1,000 deadly WW2 bombs at Mappleton beach, East Riding | Mail Online

    100% Bollocks..

    1. The beach is a bombing range impact area and is CLEARLY marked as such..

    2. Only 25lb Practice bombs are used which are 90% inert with a spotting charge. Ergo, when the bomb hits 90% survives..

    3. The beach is littered with 25lb Practice Bomb bodies.... sh1t sherlock!

    About time the Daily Mail publically apologies for such a hugely CRAP piece of so called journalism..?

    .. I am however going to pass the link to the Department of Journalism at the local Uni as an example of how not to write an article of this nature...
  2. article-2177528-142E398A000005DC-970_306x423.jpg

    Wonder if he's an ARRSER?This must be good for a few captions.....
  3. Local-ish paper this morning says majority of bombs taken away by Defence School of Transport, which certainly suggests low hazard. (The bombs, not the drivers.)
  4. Have to agree about the amount of shit in the article.

    "Mrs Nicholson said the only sign she had seen about the dangers of unexploded ordnance was an old rusty MoD one that people would not heed because it had been there for years."

    I suspect "Mrs Nicholson" works as a hack for the rag. Either that or she is registered blind!

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  5. Are the pikeys there yet? "Just collectin' scrap Sur"
  6. I spent a very enjoyable day at this bombing range, helping an armourer dispose of practice bombs. We started off with one or two and a little blob of C4 which made a nice bang. Later on in the day he got bored and was stacking them up5 0r 6 high, made an even bigger bang.

    I was allowed to carry his toolbox, made a change from drinking coffee and cleaning tote boards.
  7. PE4 I think you mean..

    ..unless you were helping an armorer!

    Editied to add...

    Although going by the very poor EOD practices you describe, this is of course possible..!
  8. I once dragged a tractor out of the ploughed up range with a Scammel EKA there. They used to get a knob in a boat deliberately sail past pretending to fish just so they'd shut the range, I wouldn't have bothered!
  9. RAF armourer, need I say more ?

    Im not sure what sort of plastic it was, other than it looked like marzipan, I just googled and chose the first one that came up.
  10. This site is RAF Cowden..

    Still marked as a Danger Area on the OS map..*

    Why doesn't Mrs Nicholson go for a wander across Warcop or Rededale impact areas.. lots of nice red flags to admire..?

    Edited to add... although only on certain scales..(zoom in & out)
  11. Given this is a daily mail article, could someone explain to me which bit of the article is likely to cause cancer, and which part will cure cancer, ensure weight loss and also make my find my sister even more sexually attractive?
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  12. ..or increase illegal immigration, or **** up house prices.
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  13. Bombs on the doorstep could **** up house prices, but houses on the eroding east coast cliffs must be worth **** all anyway.
  14. Unless it's being classed as Area Clearance, why aren't Crab EOD doing the job? - a clearer example of their remit I haven't seen in a long time.
    And why is the Wedge doing in such a top job of implying to civvies that picking up rusty old ordnance is safe?
  15. Because he has super-hero god-like powers to do so.........................