Bombay Toastie ? Anybody know the recipie please ??

I had a very good mate who was in the Merchant Navy and did 35yrs at sea and knew great recipies from all over the world. He used to make a starter called "Bombay Toasties". It was regular toast and then he used to get a small bowl and mix single cream, curry powder, diced ham and a few other ingredients which I can't remember.

After taking the toast out of the toaster you spread this on quite thick and then grilled it under a hot grill until the 'toast topper' begins to bubble and brown very slightly. Serve straight away.

Does anybody else know this dish or have the recipie ?

I have googled it to no avail. I plan on doing it this evening as finger food as I have a new squeeze coming to stay and want to impress her with my panache.

Any advice or links would be appreciated.


Actually, the first Google entry for the above gives "the bombay toastie, filled with potato and beetroot...," which sounds like it's going in the right direction (but not as a toast topper). Another talks about a currified variation on Scotch Bread/French Toast, which could be interesting.

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