Bombardier to axe jobs in Belfast & Canada

Aircraft and train maker Bombardier is to axe 1,330 jobs in Belfast and Montreal. Some 645 of those will go from its Belfast plant. The firm has decided to cut its plane production rate from next month.

The world's third-largest civil aircraft maker is to cut the production rate of its 70- and 90-seater jets from next month.

Production will drop from one aircraft every five days from a rate of one aircraft every three days.




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Sadly this is partly as a result of the misjudgement of the regional airliner manufacturers over the past 12 years.

A few years ago they all claimed that the future of regional travel was in small jets and a lot of them got out of the turboprop game in spite of sub assembly manufacturers asking simple questions like,

"Is the current dip in turboprop sales due to US market saturation by the Jetstream 31 and SAAB 340?"

"No no, we are cleverer than you, we understand the complex markets that you don't because we are chartered management accountants." said all the gnomes running SAAB, BAe, Fairchild, Embraer, Bombardier and all the other evil empires.

"But what happens when all the SAAB 340's and Jetsreams are knackered in 10 years time." we replied.

"By then everyone will be wanting regional jets, we know because we are chartered management accountants and we understand these complex things that are above you mere engineers and scientists and other lesser bods. Besides that we can;t hear you because we have our fingers in our ears La di dah di di di di!"

Last year turboprops outsold regional jets.

Maninblack is not a chartered management accountant and so only works on basic common sense.

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