bomb syria or frack sussex?

The lesser of two weevils is:

  • Bomb Syria - R2P is key TCB'esque foreign policy tenet

    Votes: 1 3.6%
  • Frack Sussex - energy independence breaks OPEC and stops MENA conflicts

    Votes: 11 39.3%
  • Frack blackpool - in islington, the North is only theoretical

    Votes: 11 39.3%
  • Wibble - pass lentils/mung beans, meditate until nasty reality goes away & glasto/cornbury start

    Votes: 5 17.9%

  • Total voters
A tricky one for those who favour lentil eating......
Why don't we bring all those poor, down-trodden Syrians over here to live?
I'm sure we could easily accommodate them.
What could possibly go wrong?

Or just nuke the place, more humane in the long run.
I think they'd be really grateful and thank us for it, if they weren't glowing in the dark that is.

Brotherton Lad

Kit Reviewer
Move Sussex to Syria and use cruise missiles to get the gas out.

Build a bigger Tower at Blackpool and use gas for the illuminati.
A tricky one for those who favour lentil eating......
Not really since you included an option that doesn't invove fracking bombing anyone. But I digress...

Drop our TB infected badgers on Syria. Win win.
Sending sick badgers to Syria sounds somewhat inhumane. Couldn't they create a famine in Syria and export tubercular cattle to feed the starving Arab civilians. The Syrian army and the rebels will be too weak from hunger to fight, there will be money to be made from diseased cattle, the UK government looks like a shining beacon of humanitarianism and the badgers can be left in peace to dig around for worms and cough their lungs up in peace. Everybody wins.

A different pointless Middle East vanity war, but the underlying message is the same

When in doubt, nuke Manchester.
Liverpool supporters would just rush over there to loot the radioactive rubble anyway
...go down to Sussex.... lots of unattended sheep on them that hills whilst attention is elswhere.... lots of sheep to 'frack'.... then there are all those lonely old dried up prunes of feminists at the Fracking Camp who might welcome a bit on the side.... a bit of beef sausage in the bushes..... 2 in the bush is worth one sucking yer gland......!!!

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