Bomb sweep at housing site begins


Explosive experts began a detailed search on Monday of the site of a new housing estate where three World War II bombs have already been detonated.
Four bombs were uncovered in a field near Brookfields Farm in Longstanton, Cambridgeshire, two weeks ago and there are fears there could be more.

Three of the bombs found on the former WWII airfield were detonated, the fourth was made safe and removed.

The site search is expected to take three weeks.

The area has been earmarked for 8,000 new homes.

Experts from the RAF's Explosives Ordnance division from Wittering are carrying out a detailed sweep of the site using specialist equipment to identify if there are any other devices
Is that Oakingtons' bomb dump they're building on???

Let us know if you run over any big bits of Stirliing EOD blokes :D
No sit tight there Sarge, the house might come to you :D