Bomb suspects "suffering" in confinement

Lawyer says... his client had had a "very difficult" 21 days in police custody.

shame! ....... now go get the cattleprod!
I think it's appalling that so called mature, level minded adults like the users of this site could revel in the physical and psychological suffering of another human being! :cry:

This man's suffering should not be allowed to continue. To do so would be a travesty of justice and undermine the British judicial system. :evil:

Tomorrow morning he should be returned to court and sentenced. Then he should be taken from that place to a place of execution and hanged by the neck until dead, dead, dead!

See? No more suffering! :D Well, not for long anyway. :wink:
as I have said elswhere we should go for a bit of sharia law and hand him in public. He is just up the road from Tyburn, now called Marble Arch.

Get him on top of the arch, noose, quick shove, baying crowds, traffic moves on, people carry on shopping, now fault that Lord Chancellor

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