Bomb searcher's life-saving actions to be rewarded

Welsh Sapper Benjamin McMurray, whose actions saved others when his patrol was hit by three hidden bombs and enemy fire, is to be awarded a Queen’s Commendation for Bravery.

Ben (as he likes to be known), aged 23, initiated the first of the three devices as his team searched an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) -seeded area around a Royal Marine check point in northern Nad-e Ali in July last year.

Miraculously unscathed by the blast but shaken, Ben carried on with his search until the silence was again broken by a second explosion that threw the team commander into the air.

Again, thanks to poorly constructed explosives, the commander escaped injury. At this point, the decision was taken to withdraw but the patrol then came under enemy fire.

Bomb searcher's life-saving actions to be rewarded - British Army Website


Good to see our searchers getting more recognition in the honours list.
Two victim operated IEDs initiated on one patrol. I'd like to know the details about that...well hidden? Poor drills? Rushing due to contact?
Why? It's not unique. Why not stick to congratulating someone instead of looking for a reason to hang them.
No, not at all. I'm not knocking him or any body from this specific incident. I'm sure his actions saved lives that day and his recognition (and that of all the CIED TF) is well deserved.
I was simply commenting that I have never personally heard of two initiations (other than specificity targeted secondaries) to hit one patrol at different times on the same outing.
My section commander was killed in a similar scenario. As dingerr said, it's not a unique event.

Good drills to that young man.

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