Bomb-plot suspect halts evidence

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, Sep 18, 2006.

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    A desperate ploy to avoid incriminating himself further.and trying for a balance of probabilities, or have the ISI actually told his family "We know where you live"?

    Could the Judge move to have the case made non-public at this juncture?
  2. It says he is afraid for his family. Okay I admit, 'innocent until proven guilty' but does it not occur to this bloke that other people are afraid for their families because of what he is alleged to have been trying to do, I wonder?

    Oh the irony.
  3. Is he afraid for his family (if he is) because ISI would be looking to work them over for what their son is alleged to have been contemplating doing, or was he about to start talking about some of the *cough* personalities he met in these training camps?
  4. ...I suspect he needs a little more time to come up with the astonishing reasoning behind an ordinary chap-about-town possessing 600kg of fertiliser. About to embark a farming career? My back garden is three miles long? I'm going to leave on No. 10's doorstep to protest at fertiliser prices?
  5. How typically ironic that this tw@t is able to use the freedoms of the very country he wanted to attack and destroy (or convert to Islam, whatever way you look at it) to his own advantage.

    Bet the cnut wouldn't have been worrying about the families of any victims had he been successful in his attempts at terrorism. So much for the committed terrorist!

    Reference his excuse (ISI), could it be that some of his terrorist mateys have passed a message saying THEY know where his family is? Wouldn't put it past them. After all, they are quite prepared to blow up muslim school kids to get to NATO soldiers in Afghan, how much less valuable would a touts family be to them?