Bomb plot foiled

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by old_n_fat, Oct 17, 2012.

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  1. Just goes to show even terrorists have walts, attempting to detonate a dummy bomb.
    Not decrying all the serious plots that get sorted all the time without ever hitting the press
  2. Ever seen three lions?

    It's quite a funny film but I opens your eyes as to think how many young (and even old) Islam extremist are willing to do what they think/told to do!
  3. Did you read the article? He didn't know it was a dummy as he was victim of an FBI sting operation.
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  4. How many FBI successes have been stings? Realistically, what chance of creating a spectacular (™ Osama bin Laden) did this chap have? Would he have done anything other than blather until he got some good guidance. It certainly makes it look like all of the GWOT (™ G W Bush) money is being well spent.

    It's bit like nicking Barry George for the Dando murder, easy nick and don't bother about the reality.
  5. Well, there was that kerfuffle on 9/11. How those agents chortled when they saw the planes heading in - "Hey Hank, those dumb assholes think those bombs are real. Oh, hang on"
  6. It's easy pickings an internet numpty fuel his beliefs then tell him he can fulfill his goal with your help, don't take me wrong the twat deserves it but we could do this all day long here and for decades ago. Didn't hear of anyone else or networks.

    You got to admire the US pr machine
  7. Having read the Telegraph article it looks like a pretty reasonable job. The main point is the guys determination, he had that, the FBI simply reeled the moron in. Job done.
  8. Oh aye agree, "cheers easy" but I'd have thought running him for a while would be a better option.
  9. Good point, but maybe they have enough from his hi tech, encrypted comms system (Facebook FFS!) that they probably have enough to keep them in overtime for a month or two.
  10. About 30 over the past 10 years.

    They talked about this on US evening news. I forget the other numbers but 30 were stings.
  11. Would anything come of any of them without the FBI? One gets the impression that a lot of these operations involve finding some mong with a big mouth and setting him up with an operation he could never have hoped to mount under his own steam.

    The UK police did the same thing with sundry environmental protesters, on some occasions the agent provocateur planned the entire operation and drove the 'domestic extremists' (a combination of anti-everything bellends and well-meaning hippy types) there himself so that they could be nicked.
  12. Thanks David, it piqued my interest enough to have a quick Google and it turned up these two:

    The FBI again thwarts its own Terror plot -

    Operation Flex: the most incompetent FBI sting ever?: TBIJ

    I think the fact that your public are happy with this shows how much 9/11 damaged the national psyche. Surely a good brief should get this guy off due to entrapment? The second link's a cracker mind, especially as the targets reported the instigator to the FBI. Apparently and more relevant, the recent Iranian plot against the Saudi Ambassador was a sting as well. If these people can get me supporting Iran then they are truly incompetent.

    Pc Mark Kennedy: enquiry into police 'cover up' of climate group evidence - Telegraph

    Dropped because it would've been laughed out of court. The CPS get it right lots and our juries get arsey about this kind of thing, rightly so.