Bomb 'joke' student jailed

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, Jan 20, 2004.

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  2. Stupidity all round I think!
  3. I suppose she was just lucky they didn't call in SWAT for a bit of indiscriminate blatting.

    If only the fellow caught at Heathrow with live rounds had gone up to a policeman before he boarded the aircraft in the US, they would have caught him!
  4. Student is she? :roll: I wonder what it is she studying. Can't be anything requiring intellectual rigour. One of Tone's further education for all not quite a degree in : Robbie Williams studies 'degrees'.

    Jail is not the answer for such idiotic behaviour. It's a good kick in the arrse that is required.
  5. Stupid bitch. Deserves all she gets.
  6. I remember hearing about a (and it pains me to say it) Royal Engineers Officer, who was caught trying to board a plane at Split, to come back to the UK with a land mine strapped to his leg.


  7. WTF? sounds like a very uncunning plan.
    I'm surprised that anyone (even a student) could be that stupid nowadays. There are notices everywhere in airports stating that joking about explosives will be taken seriously. Any security personnel that make you take your belt off aren't likely to find a joke about bombs amusing.
  8. HA, HAAA, HAAAAAA, HA !! Stupid cow. A student? Pull the other one. After some raghead getting through and flying to Britain with live ammo, this 'student' decides to tell security she has not one bomb, but three !! And the photo released after her arrest. Is that eye liner runs around her eyes? Surely not crying? I want to know what's she's studying. She’s obviously wasting her time and money. Once she's served this jail sentence the yanks are taking about, she should report straight to the local supermarket back home. A life stacking shelves would be less taxing on her pea-sized brain.

    She’s up in front of the judge in February.

  9. This girl is an idiot for what she did.

    However, a security guy tried to call the police when i was leaving the US not so long ago.

    They were accusing me of hiding an offensive weapon. A turbo lighter, in my washkit, or rather my housewife, full of lots of usefull bits and bobs that i always carry around. Para cord sewing kit etc... when traveling. They said i was trying to conciel this deadly turbo lighter.
    My housewife was an old bandalier. which is not a crime. They didnt know what it was anyway.

    It wasnt till i told them that i was a serving soldier in the british army and was prone to carrying lots of funny bits and bobs around. That they let me off and told me not try it on and they half inched my lighter. Fat blighters

    Apparently the turbo lighters are considered a weapon, at least by the fatty who accosted me, and the fact it was tucked away in the roll my bondolier formed they assumed i was trying to smuggle it.
  10. Miami Airport is one of the worst places I have ever had the displeasure of going through. My advice is to not speak unless you are spoken to by the bloater behind the passport counter, as anything other than business or pleasure will wind you up on a NSA most wanted database.

    Paranoid, insular ba5tards.
  11. Woman arrested at airport

    The woman will be questioned by police later
    A woman has been arrested at Newcastle Airport after telling check-in staff she had a bomb in her luggage.
    Police said the incident happened at about 1330 GMT on Friday as the woman arrived to check in for a flight to Paris.

    The 48-year-old woman from South Tyneside is due to be questioned later.

    In a statement, Northumbria Police said: "Around 1330 GMT, a 48-year-old woman from South Tyneside arrived at easyJet check-in intending to board a flight to Paris.

    "Because she arrived late she was not allowed to check in and then made a threat towards staff that she had a bomb in her luggage.

    "She has been arrested and will be questioned later."

    Documentary team

    There were no delays reported at the airport.

    In a statement, easyJet said: "easyJet can confirm that, following an incident at the easyJet check-in at Newcastle International Airport at about 1330 GMT today, a woman was arrested by Northumbria Police.

    "Northumbria Police have already confirmed that the woman commented that she had a bomb in her luggage after arriving late for check-in for the EZY6425 flight to Paris due to depart at 1355 GMT.

    "easyJet has always taken a zero tolerance approach towards any threat to the safety of its staff, aircraft or passengers and it is standard easyJet practice to alert the police in the event of any such incident."

    The incident was recorded by a documentary team making a fly-on-the-wall film about the airline.

    BBC News

  12. what terrorist is going to annouce that he /she has a bomb in his bag ?
    also i believe that the visa waiver form that all UK citizens has to fill in has a question on it " are youa member of a terrorist organisation" WTF who is going to say "yes" to that DUH !
  13. What would stop all this nonsense from idiots thinking that saying they have bombs/guns/anthrax etc in their possetion would be a hulking great ex squaddie on the spot to punch them in the nose! You wouldn't get many repeat offenders!
  14. I fell foul of them in the 80s, I was carrying a knife in my Luggage (Scuba Diving). I got gobby and was immediately plonked in the clink whilst they took my luggage to pieces. Very nice of them to let me out the following morning.
    To the original poster, what a stupid bint, even 30 years ago they had signs up saying that even to joke about this was an offense.
  15. This thread is only seven years old!