Bomb hits crowd watching dog fight in Afghanistan

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jumpinjarhead, Feb 6, 2010.

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  1. At least this is one bomb that has some degree of justice in it. :x

  2. Serves the ******* right.
  3. You have it in one sir.
  4. Are the Dogs Ok?
  5. What he said.
  6. To paraphrase the old gun control slogan; 'Bombs don't kill people; dogs kill people'

    Seriously, I'd have treated the dogs before the 'human' casualties.
  7. Oh well.
  8. Something else Helmand has in common with my hometown...marvellous. :x
  9. If possible, I would throw these creatures into the pit to be torn apart by the dogs, and sleep the sounder for having done so. There was a case about 12 months ago (in the US, I think) some KKK-type moron let his fighting dogs loose into the hallway of his apartment block, where they killed a neighbour, and none too quickly. Only the soles of her feet were not bitten.
  10. Me too! Cockfighting and dogfighting--"real men sports"
  11. And I can finish the story--"vicious" dog(s) killed --owner walks. Repeated about once a month in my area.

    The enlightened public sees the story as like the horror movie Cujo as if the dogs have such psychopathy--the supreme irony and tragedy is such a desire to brutalize and kill at a whim is something reserved for the "higher" order of humans.

    It is something worthy of a sociologist to study--dogfighting is most prevalent in the inner city black areas and in the rural white areas--populations who generally are strongly opposed but they share a common love of such brutality. Human nature at its finest I suppose.
  12. Truly most terrible is the mystery of death, how the sole is violently parted from the body.
  13. It's fcuking true. 8O

    Somebody should start a what does Helmand have in common with your home town thread.
  14. In my experience, dogs are generally a lot easier to like than people. That being said, fighting dogs may be the exception to the rule.

    I must admit to an abiding dislike of dog fighters, but it pales into insignificance when compared to my feelings for the purveyors of explosive destruction. I'm with the ATO who said that he had no respect for the bomber, he couldn't even respect his technical ability.

    Perhaps dog fighting is Afghanistan's alternate national sport and is thus worthy of our protection along with the rest of their civilization. Then again perhaps not.

  15. Remember though that "fighting" dogs are dogs--they are made into what they are by people. Fighting dog breeds are not innate killers-they are bred for strength and jaw power and "spirit" just as racing horses are bred. The killing part is provided by humans.

    Even the "inherently evil" roaming dog packs around here that our "good ole boys" love to brag about killing (they see which of them can put the most bullets into a single dog) are created by people through intentional cruelty or neglect by failing to control their own dogs and get them spayed and neutered such that there is an overpopulation problem that is not of the dogs own making.

    I find it incredible (I suppose I shouldn't given human nature) that we justify killing dogs (cruelly like my neighbors or "kindly" in a dog pound by injecting them with poison while they lick the killer's hand) with reasons that are totally under the control of humans.