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Bomb gone Skipper?

Yet again the RAF set new standards in stupidity.

Quote "The RAF said it was "highly likely" it had landed harmlessly in the sea or on land within the drop zone, but the possibility of it falling into land outside the target area could not be discounted. "

Could they not look on eBay like everyone else?
romach said:
Yet again the RAF set new standards in stupidity.
Yet again individuals with no knowledge whatsoever of the circumstances surrounding an incident jump to conclusions and take the opportunity for puerile inter service sniping.

As ever, the cause of this incident could be any one of several reasons. Aircrew or groundcrew error is probably the least likely of these due to the manner in which weapons loading and releases are worked, both in terms of TTPs and physical checks. It could be a manufacturing fault. It could be a previously undiscovered software problem in the weapons aiming computer. It could be a mechanical failure which has led to a bomb hang up or component failure. Who knows?

Serving alongside the Army last year there were numerous cases of NDs (including a CVR(T) loosing off several rounds), some of which resulted in injuries. Does this mark out the Army as stupid? I would suggest not.

I think you'll find that a large proportion of members of this community need no excuse for inter-service sniping. As for who'se fault it was (if anyone's), I'm sure that farmer Palmer with his newly aeriated greenhouse will be reassured that you knew it was there when they took off.

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