Bomb Doctor Needs Ammo!!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Bomb_Doctor, Jan 22, 2006.

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  1. Not sure if you've seen the thread on Window Lickers?

    Some naughty Arrsers have decided that the pompous Word Freaks on this Dictionary Website have had it their way for too long.

    I need some words to bamboozle the shite out of them.

    What better, than the Naval terms used by the rank and file Commando's among us.

    I was thinking:

    Sandy Bottoms - drink up
    9 O'Clockers - Extra meal in the evening
    Redders - Very hot

    Can you guys provide me with some more? Many thanks :D
  2. 4 o'clockers - the afternoon type tea break

    make and mend chit - stand down form

    peg out - the board at the top of the gang plank when leaving ship

    rack - bed in a mess

    beer boat - the beer fridge

    picked those two up from the navy when on board hms cumberland
  3. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    babies heads & train smash-steak & kidney pie followed by jam sponge
    jolly-road trip
  4. Bladdered, 'slightly' over the legal drink drive limit
    Hooped, Knackered or tired

    my favourite

    Op Signet - Swan or skive off
  5. When the missus is on use 'when the red flag is flying USE the aft gangway!'
    also HBM - Harry Black Maskers
    Spring Lambs - Early Chops ie finish work early
  6. WOSSNAME - a non specific description of a person or object

    "Can you go and fetch the wossname from the cupboard for me?"
    "I saw wossname in the pub earlier."

    WOOBIE - a cuddly toy or any type of comforter used by children or adults, for example blanket, favourite doll, empty vodka bottle.
  7. Dib dobs- foreign currency of any type
  8. The obvious:
    Hoofing - excellent/brilliant
    Waz - good
    icers - cold
    wets - drinks
    goffers - drinks (usually fizzy, non alcoholic)
    honking/gopping/rats - a member of the opposite sex not endowed with the best looks possible
    essence - opposite of above
    trap - pull
    bag off - seal the deal
    Chad bite - wind up
    Ogin - water/sea
    nutty - chocolate/sweets

    A few more:

    Shnurgle - to crawl/advance cautiously
    doofyferkin/sherner/diddler - "thing" (eg "wassname"
    Gen - the truth. Can be used as a question or answer, eg "Gen?" "yeah its gen"
    Eyebrows - to eyebrows something is a continuation of "Gen", the person saying it places their eyebrows on a certain, unbeleivable fact being genuine. If they are found to be lying, they forfeit their eyebrows.
    Robocop - an extreme version of eyebrows, only seen occasionally due to the extreme nature of the forfeit if found to be working a chad bite.
  9. Cheers Duty Booty,

    Do you have any idea of how these words came about or the story behind them?
  10. Threaders - on yer arrse, had enough
    Chockers - see above
    (From the) Neckup checkup - treatment for PTSD/"counselling"
    The Cake - army or similar forces (ie " how long have you been in the Cake?)
    Party - a young lady (to trap a party on a run ashore and drag her back to one's Grot) - acknowlegments to Duty Booty)
    Scratter - Chav or similar Oxygen Grand Larcenist (OGL)
    OGL - see above pronounced "Ogle"
  11. scratcher - Bed
    Fart sack - sleeping bag
    gat - rifle
    webbing - stockings and susbenders
    battle bowler / tin lid - combat helmet
  12. You are incredibly wicked people and I think you should all be ashamed of yourselves! I am so angry that I am not even going to tell you about all the words in the ARRSEPedia DICTIONARY because I couldn't trust you not to copy the worst ones (and there are some shockers I can tell you!) into that wonderful internet resource hosted by nice Mr Collins.

    Enjoy :twisted:
  13. I was looking for Ammo and I think we've just found the Kineton of the Dictionary world! Cheers Abacus
  14. Look up "Stores" then - I shall make you sign out anything you wish to use and expect it back in the same condition - if that Calliope character gets her (?) hands on it I shall have to bill you!