Bomb disposal

Discussion in 'RLC' started by Murphy2012, Nov 2, 2012.

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  1. Ok well i need to have a 2nd and 3rd choise sorted for my interview on monday.
    I was thinking about it and i wouldnt mind doing bomb disposal as a second choise job :)
    I was just wondering which regiment does this? ive heard that logisitic and engineers can do bomb disposal?

    could anyone clarify this for me please?
  2. Pop corn in the microwave, slippers on and awaiting the moths to a flame.
  3. The mong is strong in this one. Laboon anyone?
  4. Maybe you should procure a dickshunrey before you contemplate a career in bomb disposal. Since you are clearly not going to be an officer you will have to wait a considerable time in either the RE or the RLC before you get anywhere close to bomb disposal (assuming, of course that you have the aptitude in the first place).

    What is your 1st choise (sic)?

    Out of (mild) curiosity what made you suddenly decide that you 'wouldn't mind doing bomb disposal.' It's hardly the same as walking home from the pub and deciding that you 'wouldn't mind a kebab.'
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  5. The clock is front of you is a massive disarm it you have to type the correct letters into a 6 screen digital panel... GCHQ have broken the code...all you have to do is type in the codeword 'CHOICE' and it's home in time for tea and medals.....ohh, hang on...

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  6. Hmmmm blue wire or red wire ..... choices, choices.....
  7. Don't you mean 'Choises, Choises'?
  8. red wire , blue wire .......feck that !

    Its sooo much more exciting when your colour blind ...
  9. Ah yes, then it becomes a choise of grey wire or grey wire. Presumably.
  10. I was working with some cat 5e utp, recently. Cut off the blue pair and separate the green pair, ended up with Green and Blue and White. I had a total WTF moment, I can tell you.
  11. You say that as if it was funny. There was someone on my Advanced EOD Cse (RE) who got 75% of the way through before they realised that he actually was colour blind. One day he was there ........ the next he was gone.
  12. In a RTU way, not a vaporised way I hope?
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  13. Indeed; although TBH we didn't do a great deal of cutting red, blue or was it green wires anyway. The majority of our course seemed to involve moulding lumps of PE4 into intricate shapes and placing them onto various categories of UXO; I suppose it was a form of Anarchistic Play Doh. We also spent a considerable amount of time laughing at the Crabs who, for some bizarre reason, thought that wearing a silly hat on range days somehow made them more charismatic and less dull ........ obviously, it didn't.
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  14. I've had far more success with kebabs. I've been to the US recently and was even able to adapt and overcome kebobs!