bomb disposal - whats it like?

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by christheclimber, Oct 1, 2007.

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  1. on my selection i got all but 6 right on the TST, and apparently had pretty top notch scores on the tests you do at the AFCO. my recruiter spoke to the RE guy and apparently he said that once i was in they'd probably give me a decent shove to bomb disposal.

    i start training soon, so obviously theres a lot between now and making that decision, because im going in as a sparky its a good while.

    i just wondered what sort of stuff bomb disposal gets involved in, what sort of postings are you likely to get, are you always off somewhere taking up landmines and sorting out unexploded bombs, or is it more a case of getting called to do some work as and when and you are a normal combat engineer when your not needed?

    at this point in time i also would like to do my cdo course and/or p-coy (obviously a year of training may make me think twice) and do bomb disposal get attached to the various units, or do you get attached as a combat engineer.

    obviously theres a few ifs and or buts before i have to seriously make a choice, but id like the opinion of some existing guys, as i think its difficult to judge the reality of a job until your actually doing it, especially as the army is unlikely to go out of its way to point out a job is shit :p.

  2. All men start as Combat Enginners. That means everyone who joins the RE. From the job briefs i got ive read that you can go on to do these roles. I Dont know how. Maybe your picked. Maybe you pick. though i do know you learn how to clear mine fields ECT.

    Sorry if i have said anything wrong. Im just about to go to selection.
  3. Something like this?

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  4. yeh, its like becoming a diver etc. i was told once im in (as in finish my trade) they would suggest it as a route. obviously they arent going to pin me to a chair like that scene in clockwork orange and force me to learn if i want to do something else instead.

    part of the Combat eng. training is clearing mines. from a friend who is ex intel corps, those sort of roles, you volunteer for and your CO has to agree that your suitable, and that you usually have to pass some kind of pre-course tests to confirm you are right for the job.

    and i bet doing what the picture shows to somebody in real life would make them empty their arrse pretty quick.
    also, i cant help but think that being that close to a bomb of that size, surely if it went off that protective gear they are wearing would do little to stop them being spread over a large area.
  5. Not sure that it hasn't changed since my day (if I am wrong I apologise and stand corrected), but EOD was a posting. regardless of trade. You are posted to EOD by manning and records, after training or after completing a posting. Once there you are traded EOD, subject to passing you will do a tour in that posting as you would any other. You may be able to make an expression of intersest also, when you are mid training. When I was an instructor it was luck of the draw (although SOMETIMES posting prefs. were honoured). Hope this helps? If not, I will bore off.
  6. also re. diving. you would need to apply for the shallow water course in your unit. you would need to be recomended by your troop management and more likely than not be subjected to an assesment by your regimental dive master. on passing that you would then be loaded onto a course. obviously you will then need to pass the pre aptitude tests run by the dive school, followed by the course itself.
  7. oh, and as for the clockwork orange analogy....not neccessarily true. that's how they got me to do my instructors course. :(
  8. Its a blast
  9. First find a bomb. Then, dispose of it. Job done.
  10. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Noisy if you get it wrong..........
  11. You even get fed during ops
  12. :D :D :D :D

    normal practicewhen done wrong is to jump into the air & spray your body across a large area as i remember.

  13. diplomat

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    Consider been an Ammunition Technician, as they stay in trade all the time. Lots of EOD there, but also other ammunition technical jobs.
  14. not RE though, is it :?: :?: :?: :?:
  15. diplomat

    diplomat War Hero Book Reviewer

    Never too late to change, I don't think he has started training yet.