Bomb disposal unit called to university after drug lab find

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by mrrandom, Jan 18, 2011.

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  1. A student from the University of Aberdeen has been detained under the Mental Health Act after he was reportedly caught trying to make crystal meth in his dorm room.

    According to Scottish newspaper The Daily Record, university officials evacuated 35 students from their rooms at the halls of residence where the stimulant, which is most commonly used to heighten sexual pleasure, was being made.

    A team of military bomb disposal experts based in Edinburgh were deployed following concerns that the chemicals used to make the lethal drug would cause an explosion.

    The class A drug, formerly known as methamphetamine is made up of highly volatile, toxic substances which can lead to paranoia, kidney failure, violence, internal bleeding and less inhibited sexual behaviour.

    A spokeswoman for the university told Yahoo! News that Police first arrived on the scene at around 6pm on Saturday. "One of our students was behaving in a way that was causing concern and he has been taken into care."

    "Students affected by the evacuation of the block at Hillhead Halls of Residence have been temporarily given alternative accommodation to allow police to ensure that the area is safe for their return."

    "The University is co-operating fully with Grampian Police."

    The suspect, whose identity is currently being concealed by police, is thought to be a chemistry student.

    Bomb disposal unit called to university after drug lab find - Yahoo! News UK
  2. The good old British Student using applied knowledge and ingenuity to pay his loans

    What do they do? send him to the nut house.
  3. Nice of the media to use the wrong library picture. The Navy don't cover Aberdeen.
  4. Yet more accurate reporting - not....

    "methamphetamine is made up of highly volatile, toxic substances" - no, it's's made of carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen. Methamphetamine is made using toxic substances, is not made up of them. Methamphetamine is also a medicine, known as Desoxyn, although rarely prescribed.

    Never let the science get in the way of a good line..
  5. Got to pay off those student debts somehow...
  6. Read more: City student in explosives scare detained - Press & Journal
  7. 10/10 for using his initiative though.........nutter....
  8. Looks like Peter Dow has made the headlines again!
  9. Maybe not on this occasion but, with joint-tasking, it depends on availability as to who gets the shout. The patch of the Faslane-based Northern Diving Group (NDG) covers all of Scotland. If they had a team collecting pyros or dealing with a trawled-up mine at Aberdeen, it might easily have been the closest unit available.
  10. If "breaking bad" is accurate, isn't there a toxic gas risk too?
  11. Ah Hillhead :) My former home ... Never Change :)

    The place itself seems to attract both tragedy and nutters though... during my year there at least three people died, one falling out a window, and one dying in his room and not being found for weeks, one guy died up a mountain and there were suicide attempts every other week.

    I know its a student village and drugs are therefore bound to be in abundance but Hillhead seemed to be completely saturated with them. Certain blocks were worse than others and Esslemont where this happened was one of those blocks.

    I remember being invited to a room party in the basement of my block the first night I was there, me and 2 guys went down to see what the craic was and erm, discovered it was a crack party! bongs everywhere, coke being done off the desk and some guy who wanted to stroke my mates face. We exited sharpish claiming we had made plans to get the bus to town.

    It was definitely the Royal Navy who attended according to friends who still live there, they photographed one of their vehicles and stuck it on facebook.

    And prizes for guessing where or who you nicked this news gem from ya tea leaf! :)
  12. Point 1 - you said it
    Point 2 - google news??
  13. Re: Point 2 - Try again!
  14. I know its highly explosive and meth labs have been known to go up with the smallest of sparks, but I suspect your correct about the toxic bit as when you see a clan lab unit go in the are in full CBRN suits