Bomb disposal officers getting ripped off!!!

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by carmsneil, Jul 31, 2010.

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  1. The bomb disposal course is generally 4 months long. This supposedly trains you in some cases to deploy straight out to theatre, afghan, iraq, kosovo, etc .The course itself has a failure rate of around 70 percent. One of the main benefits of passing the course is the financial benefit of sixteen pound a day(specialist pay). Although this does not sound much for such a dangerous job, the financial incentive is there. As of two months ago a decision was made by HQ Land to stop paying the specialist pay to any bomb disposal officer(BDO), who passed the course after november 2009. However HQ Land have said they are looking at the specialist pay situation and when a decision has been reached there is a chance of the pay being back dated to when the individual passed the course succesfully. Really nice to know that two BDOs could stand next to each other in afghanistan, one passing the course in october, the other in november that one receives just reward for his heroism on defeating IEDs/CMD. Where is this situation going to end???? Surely at present i would not be surprised if many potential BDOs will start failing the course on purpose. There is no incentive to put there life on the line. HQ Land really need to think long and hard about how cruel they are being to these brave soldiers. This situation is a no brainer. Pay what is deserved.


    A very annoyed wife
  2. If the situation is as you describe than I agree. No-one should be asked to carry out such dangerous work, especially work that carries extra risk over and above every risk faced by soldiers in war, without some form of financial recognition for their skills, competence levels and also levels of responsibility.