"Bomb, bomb New York"

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by armourer, May 21, 2005.

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  1. At least we now know what the Muslim Council for Britain and the Muslim Parliamentary Association of the UK stand for.
  2. brilliant they burned blair on a crucifix, i thought to myself. Then i realised the word effigy was present. Actually that would be a little harsh.

    Seriously where do you draw the line at this sort of activity it is the hadly "fight the ban" type demonstration. It does worry me that such orgs with a such an image and remit can put their name to such incitful behaviour.
  3. Quite. If this had been the BNP, or neo Nazi organisation then someone would have been all over them like the proverbial bad rash.
  4. Armourer

    What is the source of your quote?
  5. why cant we arrest them and kick them out ? at least you arresting the right ones as they are gathered in one place.
  6. Surely this is all lies! Armourer your quite wrong. Islam is a religion of peace. They wouldn't do anything like this......
    Tony Blair has told us all that islam is a pillar of peace,love and harmony.

    Spot the deliberate sarcasm if you will...
    Storeman Norman is quite right, if this had been a bunch of bad old whities burning flags of an islamic country and making death threats, then you can bet your bottom dollar arrests a plenty would follow.

    However, i always find that incidents like this tend to enforce the arguement that multiculturalism does not work. So can we put an end to it please?????????????????????????? :evil:
  7. demonstration
  8. Evidence that the Met should be armed with flamethrowers.

    'The Sword of Allah'?.....................what f*cking century are these c*nts living in?
  9. I'm not so sure about banning it - I've always thought public demonstrations by loonies like these are the best way of ensuring public support for the war on terror. The only ones I'd personally get rid of are the recruiters for people wanting to actually fight and those who appear sane and persuasive - they're far more dangerous. The loonies can run around looking insane all day long as far as I care.
  10. pdf - agreed, provided that this also applies to the BNP & NF & other loonies. It sends a bad message both to the muslim fanatics and to the BNP/NF nutters if one is tolerated but not the other.
  11. i take it they didnt do the demo in bluewater as they wouldn't be allowed in with all those hoodies on!
    Annoyed that this type of thing is allowed to happen in the uk especially as we keep hearing about people having to take down their Union Jacks as they are likely to cause offence.
  12. Evidently this has offended nobody in our halls of power; no statements of denunciation in any of the (internet) press that I can see. So that's all right then.
  13. Agree Stoaty. However distasteful i find the policies and rantings of the likes of the BNP, we live in a democracy. If an ethnic minority is alowed to denounce the country they live in, burn its flag, claim death is coming to its population and burn efigy's of its politition - how can that be any less incitement to racial hatred than anything the BNP has to say.

    It does worry me. The population takes great exception to people being treated differently based on colour, creed religion etc. It fuels racial hatred, and will eventually lead to trouble.