Bomb bomb bomb. Bomb bomb bomb Iran

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by alib, May 5, 2009.

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  1. Col Lang Sounds like a plan... (Iran/Israel)
    A few 5 kt buckets of sunshine. That should get Qom nicely riled up. Stinks of information operation.

    I doubt Bibi is remotely serious, he's just playing the mishugina hard man. He just wants Obama to nod off on a greater Israel with the dusky natives penned in and totally disenfranchised. This is a useful way to hold the Hawaiian's feet to the fire.

    He may well get his way. Obama just can't afford the mess this would cause and recent Israel leaders have a track record of politically expedient strategic folly.
  3. I would assume the IDF have factored that in too . . .
  4. Israel bombed Iraq in the 1981 without to much of a problem
  5. It would make it a very big Op and a very niosey one too. I can't see Israel getting enough planes on target to safe guard the bombers from the Iranian airforce.
  6. Not unless they have friendly forces already on the ground in Iran?

    OR . . the US have another two carrier fleets flying decoy up close to the Iranian radar . . .
  8. I think that the IDF dropped a couple of Hindenburg 2250 Litre drop tanks at a Royal Saudi Air Force Base the day after it was declared operational back in the 1980's. The base was Tabruk in NW Saudi. They did it just to prove they could. THe RSAF have never removed the drop tanks in between the twin runways as is a reminder of the IDF. I see the IDF on a very offensive posture. The Irainan AF know if they hit Israeli assets that the US will respond and take out key assets.
  9. Been a long time since I read up on this, but IIRC, Mossad did something like that during Op. Thunderbolt(Entebbe). Mossad was supposed to have infiltrated agents into an airfield the IDF might have needed to refule the plane carrying the SF and the hostages. In the event, the airfield was not required and the Mossad spooks simply exfiltrated without anyone knowing they had been there...

    Standingby to be corrected; like I say it's been a long time since I read the book this scenario was discribed in.
  10. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I know that we are not unfriendly to Israel, but I'm surprised that we are letting their military aircraft use RAF Gibraltar for Training missions, especially of such a sensitive nature.
  11. The Israelis did destroy a nuclear reactor in Iraq in 1981 with an air strike by F16's supported by F15's. The flight was over 1000 miles and they had to pass through Jordanian and Saudi Airspace. They completely destroyed the reactor before it was fueled killing a few Iraqi soldiers and a French contractor I believe. (There was some speculation that that French Contractor was one of the Mossad agents on the ground placing designators). As a bit of trivia I believe that one of the Israeli pilots went on the be the first Israeli in space. I read a good book about it but can't for the life of me remember the title.
  12. Hopefully they will bomb the Iranians back to the stoneage.
  13. Na, just the lunatic fringe extreemists who want to keep them in the stoneage!!
  14. QUite a while ago I read "Ambush at Osirak" by Herbert Crowder. It was quite good but I cannot recall if it was non-fiction or fact based fiction. I do remember liking the book though.
  15. The book was called Bullseye Iraq, I still have it somewhere.
    I don't think they asked America first mind.