Bomb attack on TA Centre, North Belfast

I'm glad no one was injured but ah.. the irony embodied in the statement from the article "The website also says soldiers from the regiment train at the base most Wednesdays."

Obviously whoever tossed the device hasn't been reading the papers recently and didn't appreciate that there probably wouldn't be many folk around this week.
amused by sinn fein comments:

North Belfast bomb attack reckless

Sinn Féin Councilor for Castle Ward Tierna Cunningham has stated that bomb attack on a British Territorial Army base was reckless and endangered families living nearby.

Speaking today Cllr Cunnigham:

“Last nights bomb attack was wrong and cannot be justified. It was a reckless act in a residential area which endangered many families living nearby.

“Whatever group was responsible they need to realise that they will not succeed in their attempts to derail the Peace Process which has the full support of the overwhelming majority of people on this island, including the republican community who these groups purport to represent.

“Theses micro groups are trying to make themselves relevant but thy need to explain how their actions will achieve a united Ireland.”

no mention of the guards or TA soldiers.

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