Bomb alert Birmingham city center

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by wheel, Feb 7, 2007.

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  1. BBC Midlands Today are reporting on this at the NCC . They say the Army have moved in and that the EOD Quote " That is the Engineering Ordanance Division " are attending. Looks like the BBC are maintaining their usual highly accurate discriptions of our armed forces .
  2. Ulster Television always used to report IEDs as having "Army Technical Officers" called to the scene.
  3. Mighty big exclusion zone in force, Mrs Kurgen not happy trying to get home from work in the gridlock forming around the inner ring road area.
    Excuse my ignorence of local affairs ,however is anything on at ICC to warrent this scare?
  4. Latest news,EOD are carrying out a controlled explosion on suspect package about now
  5. I wish someone would bomb the city centre where I live. It needs a rebuld from the ground up.

  6. Its probably a bloody Mcdonalds wrapper just like last time.
    To be honest at least I hope it is.
  7. I heard the BBC refer to them as "The Royal Bomb Squad".
    Fcuking muppets (The BBC, not the EOD)
  8. Was an RAF IEDD team from 5131 (BD) Squadron at RAF Wittering guys, i know beacause i service the wheelbarrows and am a No2. The barrow came back covered in false ceiling tiles! lol
  9. No it didn't!
  10. fair enough maybe i was being a bit over the top :biggrin: it was dusty and had little bits of tile on it though dude