Bolton appointed US ambassador to UN

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by AndyPipkin, Aug 1, 2005.

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  1. Should see some arrse kicked at the UN then...............
  2. Anne Williamson has opined that Mr. Bolton's mission is to lay the diplomatic groundwork for an attack on Iran.

    She has written (in the public section of the Sanders Research website) that Mr. Bolton has been given the task of getting a revision of the Nonproliferation Treaty explicitly banning uranium enrichment, without regard to its intended purpose.

    If such an amendment takes effect, the administration could argue that the Iranian enrichment program violates international norms and is thus "illegal." Ms. Williamson says:

    Should the UN fail to take up its “responsibilities” in the War on Terror, Bolton, with his willingness to tailor intelligence, to by-pass procedure, to spy on and intimidate, if not to blackmail, colleagues and underlings, is the perfect Big Bad Wolf to huff and puff and threaten to blow down the UN’s house, along with the out-sized benefits and privileges and opportunities for colossal graft international bureaucrats prize above all else.

    "The Neocons’ Second Front"
  3. He won't suger the 'koffi'.
  4. Nah, maybe he'll just suffer a short, sharp shock, die, and somehow open an interdimensional rift that swallows all the spams. Apart from the ex-missus, 'cos she's still hot.
  5. And as permanent representative for the US at the UN he will mobilise what army to invade/attack Iran? Fcukwitted stupid left wing ranting after losing another one to Mr. Bush. The UN is ineffective as a international body and has been since inception, what has the UN done to promote peace....NOTTA ... bunch of blow hards racking up parking tickets in NYC! I hope Bolton is the nail in the UN coffin and we can get The Donald to develop some condos in place of the UN building :wink:
  6. Ctauch wrote:

    I hope Bolton is the nail in the UN coffin...

    Mr. Bolton himself espouses no such ambition.

    I heard him remark this morning that he intends to make this sinister organization "stronger" and "more effective."
  7. Another nail in Dubya's coffin, as it brings closer the day when the Senate or Congress will throw their teddies and look closely at the record of Georgie-boy over national security and Iraq.
  8. The dems have been throwing their teddies from their collective pram for years now and yet they are still pouting with no results.

    BTW how's that whole BLair thing going for you guys? :D
  9. And if you read between the lines that mean sans Kofi and sans allowing thugs to run the organization. You will note that Bush used his recess appointment authority because it is critical to have a rep at the UN during this time of reform.