Bolton anyone?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Jay_Rovers, Aug 4, 2011.

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  1. Hi, Im currently joining up to the Army in the early stages and just wondering if theres anyone from Bolton or near that maybe wants to become friends or share training tips etc?

    P.s, anyone from anywhere can message me, just mentioned Bolton as a subject.

  2. I could do with a shag.

    Oh sorry, Nearly forgot - Bolton!
  3. Bolton.

    Now thats a tip.............
  4. PM......... sent.
  5. Well i take it you've been
  6. Oh Dear.....
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  7. Whats up.....?
  8. doc???

    ****! After a night on iffy cider, I've turned into Jarrod, and I claim my five golden rings! It's not even close to Chrismas!
  9. About 9 inches of dark meat.
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  10. Speaking of chrismas, I went into a pub the other day and they had already put up a notice board decorated and on about chrismas telling people to book now.

    Now thats way too soon lol
  11. Not really. Office parties like to know where to send the taxis for the remnants early. It's cheaper.
  12. Yeah true, I suppose it were just a shock for me seeing xmas decs up at this time.
  13. What unit are you joining?
  14. No, because as I said in the PM, it's a shitehole which is chocca with Pakis.
  15. You've not been to Oldham then have you?