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Discussion in 'RAC' started by Listy, Sep 5, 2005.

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  1. I'm after any details, you can give, on the bolt-on armour for the CR2 that appeared on Telic.

    I'll take any info you've got.

    I'm also like to know if anyone has got any pictures of Dents in CR2's caused by enemy fire.

    Many thanks.
  2. It's still classified mate - try again in 30 years :) If the pictures aren't on the MoD site or standard media sites, again, they are classified.
  3. Heh the one i'm thinking of was on a BBC news report. The unexploded RPG still in side of the armour plate.. 8O

    Oh and thanks for the info.
  4. You are of course joking? Buy a copy of Jane's Armoured Fighting Vehicles!

    You will also find some pictures and details in the following National Audit Office report:

    It is tax payers money you know!! OpSec only goes so far.......
  5. Listy,

    Why on earth do you want to know this? You're the biggest Walt ever.

    Now Double Away. :D

    Your Best Man to be.
  6. Not a walt, it's for high tech stuff you wouldn't understand, a PC game.
  7. Hmm doesn't that make you a "virtual Walt" indulging in paintball for slobs. Unless you are designing the game...
  8. Sort of.

    I'm trying to convince the desginers that they've got some stuff wrong, and I've provided picys of the armour, but now they want details.
  9. What kind of details?

    You should probably be able to estimate size from open-source photos.

    Any information on performance is strickly verbotten - I'm sure I don't need to start harping on about Special Armour Security Instructions!
  10. slightly off topic but re armour security i remember stagging on outside the bar round the corner from 16 tanks on the fally/hohne range road following a rather comical muff coupling incident that left the building held up by a cr 1 and several good views of the armour(turret and hull now openly on view)
    still made it into the cafe fox for birthday drinks.
  11. mike 2817:

    That's a pretty good list of 'standard media sources' there mate.
    Picture in general are not classified, it is what the picture shows that may be.

    Perhaps a little more time reading and then understanding before posting the blinding obvious eh ;)

    Please be careful what info you give them, a game is a game, is it worth risking soldier's lives (or a prison sentence for you)?
    Ask your Security Officer (Adj?) before you go sending stuff like that to civvies.
  12. I won't go into details, but on another forum I'm forever being pm'd with similar requests from junior walts who think virtual wargames are the beez neez. I get requests like; "I'm playing game XYZ and I've found the computer gives me the same 'kill factor' for an RPG round as a hellfire. Can you give me some precise info so I can amend the program to be more 'realistic'." Blah, blah, and more blah. My standard response is: "If you want realism, get of your far arrses and join the army and go to (real) war!"

    Here's a genuine posting from one of the sites:-
    ... response ...
    ... and the response from the 'opponent was ...
    ... which then elicited ...
    ... and finally ...
    So there you have it. A Serb in Belgrade and a Syrian in Damascus discussing their little war - East v West Germany!!!!!!!! Pretty serious about it too!!!!
    Asking for details about CR2 armour is simply a wheez to try and 're-progam' a game to someone's advantage. Don't get caught up in some teenage fantasy by providing info to 'convince' a slightly older game-writer to change the coding. Let 'em get wound up!!!!

  13. HA! I'm not that stupid. I may be young (Service wise), but I've never been that dumb.

    Stuff the dwsginers where after was: Number of units issued, wether it was a desert only mod, What's the armour called, etc. Boreing, non-restricted stuff like that (IIRC: One of the desginers is Ex-army).

    What they decided on, was modeling it the same as the CR1 bolt on armour.

    At the moment I'm trying to get them to come around to what I belive (maybe wrongly) the UK army list should look like. One thing they've missed out on is the Land rover's with top cover. Any details on them? they're lightly armoured aren't they?
  14. You can buy some pretty accurate 1:35 scale models of Warrior with Special applique armour packs - I think the museum shop at Bovvy even sells them.

    They first appeared during Granby, but given that you've seen them on the telly in Bos, its pretty safe to say that they're not a desert-only mod.
  15. What game is it mate? I assume its for a mod team?