Bolsts Curry Powder

It's OK. I have been reading the ingredients list on some curry cook-in sauces recently. The fat content is horrendous so it's back to powder. A good curry, made from the individaul spices, can be made by following the recipe on the Rajah tins.
Accept no substitute.
Just make your own....

This is my favourite mix I use as a base for all my currys.

Whole Spices

4 tbsp x Coriander seeds
2 tbsp x Cummin seeds
2" Cinammon Stick
2 tsp x Black mustard seeds
1 tsp x Fennel seeds
1 tsp x Garlic powder
1 tsp x Green cardamon seeds
1/2 tsp x Fenugreek seeds
1/2 tsp x Lovage seeds
1/2 tsp x Onion seeds
4 x Cloves
1 tbsp x Fenugreek leaves
4 x Bay leaves (Indian not European)
1 tbsp x Dry curry leaves

Powder Spices

1 tbsp x Turmeric Powder
1 tbsp x Chili Powder
1 tbsp x Paprila Powder

Dry roast each whole spice, grind, and mix with the powder spices. You can then experiment with quantities to give your own mix a certain signature.

Pre made mixes are crap msotly because they do not roast spices in the factories (even with brand such as Rajah, East End etc) so the essential oils do not come out in the same way. Indians traditionally will roast and grind spices freshly as much as possible.
My mother always used it in her many curries and so do I. Excellent stuff!
I'm with Milesy on the pre-packed powder mixes but some of the pastes can be a good stand-by for short notice cooking. The ubiquitous Pataks are good and the Thai pastes from the curiously named Thep Padung P0rn Coconut Company Ltd are particularly so. Rather surprisingly, if you Google "Thai p0rn" they're not at the top of the page
Recently been using curries from the spicentice range,don't think i'll ever have curry out of a jar again.Its a good compromise without having to have an in-depth knowledge of whats needed and what quantities etc.Not a product commonly seen in supermarkets so you may need to purchase online,£1.99 a throw.
Not trying to bump a thread, but I've nearly finished a tin of the "Hot" Bolsts, and while it tastes okay no way is it hot. The bloke in the shop tried to sell me on the "Mild" - just as well I ignored him. A lot of people say that British Asian food is hotter than Asian Asian food, and I'm beginning to think they are right.

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