Bollywood Proms!!



Why the Fcuk do we need to have a Bollywood night at the proms? Im sick of all of this PC multi ethnic crap.

BBC news
Uh-oh! Somebody is speaking out against multi-culturalism, get him boys!

Maybe its because people actually like the Bollywood culture regardless of their ethnic background? Maybe its because India and the culture associated with it has been a part of our history for over 200 years?

I couldn't give a toss whether there was a Bollywood proms or not but I'm sure its just the BBC trying to do something to personally insult all Briton's with something that isn't European. How outrageous of them.


I really dont care if its a Bollywoood night or any other ethnic minority night, to me its just one more dilution of a Great British institution at the hands of the left wing elite.

and your problem being exacly???

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