Bollocking Required

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by two-four-albert, Nov 16, 2007.

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  1. Right then, I have recently moved to Herford (Mecca for beer fans), and brought my bar with me, tested it out last night and now feel like sh1te, I am currently thinking of packing in drinking/becoming a monk/closing my bar/burning myself in the street/or just doing it all again tonight. I require a size 10 sepositary to get me going this morning, am I gay or what???? :?

    moved. mk
  2. Go for a five miler followed by a throw-up then a fry-up, works for me. What you are feeling is quite normal and may indicate that you need to drink more, your tolerance having slipped recently.
    As tho whether or not you are gay, only you can answer!
  3. Should my bold not read BRA.
  4. There's nothing wrong with you.

    You've just turned 30.

    It's called getting old and it's nature's way of telling you to sort your admin out - run ashores now require some planning and front ending of good excuses why you cannot turn-to for phys at 0700 with your shorts on backwards still reeling and stinking of garlick and stale booze.

    You need either:
    a) A Sgt Maj/SNCO to take charge of you.
    b) The very rarest of things - a chick who will act as your Sgt Maj.
    c) A shedload of really good ways of repaying options a) and b) for being the good eggs they are for assisting ou in your manly (and endearingly idiotic) duties.

    Well done that man. carry on.
  5. 5.56 you have just written my xmas list for me thanks!
  6. Your only Gay if you havent bared your ARRSE and conducted a Mexican Bum W*nk on an unsuspecting Cfn in your new bar. As if :wink: