Bollocking Fat Soldiers

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by phil37, Nov 8, 2009.

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  1. Having been on rehab PT for 2 years, I am nearly ready to be upgraded. It hasn't been easy. However, during this time I have seen the same fat, young soldiers leaving the gym early or skiving in the smoking area. They have wasted a great opportunity to improve their fitness in Army time with the benefits of a late start after rehab and no other PT parades to attend.

    So my question is, how do you give someone a dressing down for being obese?
  2. Give them a chocolate éclair?
  3. If you are of a higher rank than them why aint you gripped them? else just make it known to the QMSI. But be careful fella, they are on REHAB not REMEDIAL, maybe they are doing what their specific programme is telling them to do ie 15 mins work 5 rest for example.

    Now if the munters were on REMEDIAL then grass away
  4. If the lads you're talking about are fat, point out to them that unless they intend to remain downgraded (DO they?), then one day they will be running BPFA's again. How would they feel if, at the start line, you handed them a medicine ball to carry round with them? Because that's what they're doing to themselves.
  5. If they're female it's tradition, let it be.
  6. Yes, that would work. :roll:

    Are you actually serving?
  7. The most disgusting creature I ever saw was a Lt Col at last years Rememberance Day parade. It was bloody awful. His gut was the size of Wiltshire!
  8. FFS, I've told you a million times not to exaggerate.
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  10. Not any more, why?

    Edited for being a typing mong
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  12. The two buglers doing The Last Post at Bastion this morning seemed to be quite "well covered".
  13. When did you visit? I've only been here a month :)
  14. I'm not on rehab or remedial, but it's common for both PT sessions to be held at the same time. So it's quite possible for him to be watching the remedial skivers cutting away earlier. It's quite common and I know a few guys on remedial who don't ever seem to be getting fitter.

    I know of one particular porker who ran a 15 minute PFT and then a couple of weeks later was quite pleased that he'd knocked 2 minutes from his time (still 13 minutes). Unfortunately he didn't carry on this rate and went back up to 14-15 mins shortly afterwards.
  15. You just made me spill my coffee, funny as f cuk.