Boiler problem

Discussion in 'DIY' started by Yokel, Apr 2, 2012.

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  1. Quick question on behalf of my father. He has been trying to get an old Baxi Bermuda 552 boiler unit to work, after a recent stoppage.

    The boiler is meant to have a 20mm pilot light, which it does. The pilot stays on in its own. However, trying to use the boiler is more problematic. The burner flame is about 1.5-2" high, yellow, and appears to be slightly flickery. After being on for ten or so minutes, it cuts out - and so does the pilot light.

    He has already changed the thermocouple.

    Any ideas or suggestions?
  2. 'Onetap' is likely to know, send him a PM, he's online now.
  3. Had a recent stoppage ? is it semi or full auto , mag or belt fed?

    Yellow flame means lack of air , is the burner sooted up? get the vacuum cleaner in there and clean it out and also hold the nozzle right against the pilot, also check the gas pressure , should be 20mb , when was the chimney last swept?

    If in doubt Gas Safe Register | Ensure your gas engineer is registered. ,

    If hes wealthy and your in the will block the chimney up and slacken off a gas pipe :)
  4. Could be the gas valve is on it's way out...

    Has it been serviced recently.... they SHOULD be serviced every year.

    A decent local lad will probably have an assembly to replace it taken from one he's taken out of another.... I usually keep a couple in the shed just for jobs like this.