Boiled spuds

With the recent heatwave I'm sure we're all suffering with our spuds being boiled like new potatos, just hopefully without the prior peeling. Shortfuse came up with a brilliant suggestion;
"[shortfuse] 4:39 pm: i've dipped them in a glass of water.... and i am now cooling them in front of the office fan", which is a brilliant idea, but I was wondering what techniques other people have been using to keep the old danglies cool and dry?
For those poofs/small c0cks who shave their bush, does reducing the hair density aid in cooling? Is it worth having a trim?
Just drop your kecks and get a colleague to hose you down with a CO2 fire extinguisher.

Put ice cubes in your trouser pockets, replen as necessary.

Smear your tackle in a generous layer of toothpaste.
Rub 'Deep Freeze' Gel on the old chestnuts, also gives a great sensation when giving the missus one. :wink:
I have a very nice secretary who might blow on them if I ask her nicely!
Putting on a radiator works the cold metal feels great especially under the foreskin.
I've personally found that a good dose of bleach works wonders. All you need do is get an old coke can, cut off the top and then pour bleach 3/4 up. The next step is to lower your bockolls into the can and relax as soft tingling sensation begins to caress your man-hood.

Hopefully if we say this enough there'll be the one thick git that tries it, and with enough luck he won't be able to reproduce thus taking his 'thick-gitness' out of the gene pool.
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