Boil in Bag

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Stockton96, Mar 14, 2006.

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  1. Before we get started this aint a wah.

    Are the boil in the bags supposed to be cooked in the plastic bag or are you supposed to take it out of that one and cook it in your mess tin with just the foil one on ?

    I ask becuase i was away the weejend and was told that you are supposed to cook them with the plastic rapper on, although i have always took them out of it.

    Could someone clear this up please.

  2. Perhaps the name 'boil in the bag' may give you a clue.
  3. Did it work woth the plastic wrapper off? Yes.... There you go then :wink:
  4. The thing is, i was told when you boil it without the plastic bag the metal in the foil comes off the bag and into the water or something like that. so i was wondering if it should be cooked with or without the plastic bag.
  5. if it works and dont do anything bad...why not cook it in plastic bag anyway?
  6. what a sh*t question anyway. do you really think boiling water isnt going to heat through a minute plastic skin.
    bore off.
    and anyway, when we have to eat ratpacks does anyone really care if your corned beef hash is cold or hot, get some work done
  7. sorry threaders some of us are just not as hard as you and dont like eating cold rations. I am just trying to clear something up.
  8. its ok, you crack on mate. no need to apologise, we all have to start at the bottom i suppose. now get those hexi blocks fired up!
  9. Feck that hexi pi$h. Cover it in TABASCO, you wo'nt need it heated. 8O
  10. roger that sweaty sock, get that cheese possessed for afters also
  11. the colour stripe tells what meal incase of dyslexia white breakfast, red main meal, blue pudding
    the outer wrapper is incase your meal explodes in your kit and beans and sausages plastered everywhere pisses off the most battle ready fella, so just as your about to heat your meal Remove outer packaging and place in hexy tele and watch till ready squeeze all contents to ensure complete reheat as a cold spot is as welcome as a wet doss bag then tear at the knotch and enjoy as you have finished place silver inner packaging back in outer wrapper to prevent future B&S again plastering your kit and now wipe your tins on the mother earths givings (Grass) to remove hexy
  12. Some brilliant mental images there... :D
  13. well Wrapper or rapper they all are plastic in one form or another
  14. Thanks for the info al, someone who knows what there talking about obviously.
  15. Sorry Al_5780, but what is: Location: where the metal matters ???