BOHICA - more cuts to MOD

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by sunnoficarus, Mar 24, 2013.

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  1. The ginger rodent is the first one for the Noose when the revolution comes. He can be the test dummy while we perfect the technique :p

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  2. Perpetuate a work-shy under-class who can make a lifestyle choice not to work* or defend the country?

    *I refer to those capable of work but who never have, not the workers who are temporarily unemployed.
  3. A distinction wm, that the hand picked idiots on most Question time programmes fail to comprehend.
  4. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    I think we should up unemployment benefits, and how about adding a free room, food, some uniform with shiny boots and a nice man to shout at you and make sure you wear it properly.
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  5. Danny Alexander. Career politician no mark. I wonder which party the lib dems will be offering to fellate in order to be part of a coalition with after the next election.


    They missed off the T in this picture of Alexander.
  6. On careful re-reading, it appears that benefits WILL be cut. The only areas that are explicitly exempt are the NHS (Great bloated that thing that it is) Schools, and International Development (Pin money).

    What the Torygraph seems to be slanting is that certain Tory SoS think that their personal empires, including Defence, have already been cut far enough thank you, and that any supplementary cuts this year should fall on the benefits side. They are not arguing for LESS cutting, only that the other fella's Sacred Cow looks like it can afford to lose two legs instead of one. It's Cap Badge Wars but at Ministerial level.

    Alexander is a Treasury Minister, which means that he is not responsible for the spending-that's a Ministerial/Departmental issue- What he is saying is that everyone's going to get a smaller slice of the pie this year,(except the aforementioned Holy Trinity), so they are going to have to adjust their spending plans accordingly.
  7. If only the foreign aid budget could be quietly takes out back and offed like a rabid Chav

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  8. All £11 billion? Well, that will make a gigantic difference. Considering the Govt spent nearly £690 billion last year.

    Especially because it's already being quietly earmarked as a slush fund for the Business sector.
    Foreign aid to help British firms win business overseas - Telegraph
  9. MoD cuts, but international development ring fenced. There was talk previously of using said budget for ops so come 2015 do we have more Ops (defence training teams) for less troops?
  10. Methinks DFID are being lined up as funders of contingency events- So if it is overseas, and somebody sees a need for uniformed 'support', then it's International Development!

    The monetary pot is still tiny though.
  11. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    Seems fair enough. The British Army has done more for international development over the last 300 years than any other three organisations put together.
  12. Well don't get too complacent, yiu may be exempt from cuts in your disability payments at the moment, but wars end, and politicians no longer need to worry about the vote winning potential of disabled ex servicemen.
  13. I disagree, that will always be a concern because there will always be adverse voter reaction to stripping war/disability pensions.
    In just the way that there isn't any objection at all to stripping tanks, planes, ships and boots for as long as there is no enemy at the door.

    Throughout the seventies and eighties Labour pilloried and played upon the massive defence budget, I remember the full-page newspaper ads featuring a Harrier loosing off some form of guided munition with the strapline "There goes another kidney machine". And throughout the seventies and eighties Labour were consistently dumbfounded by the fact that people would vote to wait for their dialysis and so maintain three operational squadrons of Harrier.

    People haven't really changed that much, but the political situation has. No Soviet Bear and the bulk of the population is sick to the back teeth of seeing Tommy traipse off to slap Abdul about for... well, for no reason at all, let's face it. Your bottom line is a population that thinks "nobody is coming here to trouble us and if we don't have a lot of big toys we can't piss off on a whim to trouble someone else." and... They approve of that situation.

    This view will change if and only if the geopolitical situation changes sufficiently for the population to feel they need defending from an aggressor.
    So other than on boards dedicated to the military, you are likely to find benefits, schools and hospitals are considered more important than "bang per buck".
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