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bogus terrorism debate petition

On a recent thread I realised how ancient I am. A thread about the attitudes and effectiveness of the TA in the pre-history of the 1980s.

So, bearing in mind I have my ARRSE critics, it is with some trepidation I would re-visit the 1960s. With a brief opinion of the history. This is me doing what I think is right for our country.

In 1962 the IRA terrorist plan was either captured or leaked. This was published in the Scarman Tribunal report of 1972 into the causes of the Ulster IS situation. From the early 1950s there were reports that IRA was recruiting at technical graduate level to create a sophisticated infratstructure sabotage capability.

Indeed one retired Irish civil engineer told me recently how he had been approached in the 50s by IRA. He had suggested that the IRA needed his older brother (A vet and amateur boxing champ) only to be told "If we planned a Camel Corps fighting on the cobbles yer brother would be our man. But we ain't planning on that" They were developing a technical sabotage capability and recruiting graduates who were not digging holes and mixing concrete. They ran sites building power stations etc.

In that period the rising position of Sean Garland (IRA Ruling Army Council architect of the plan) was Marxist and he planned for class war (with Soviet backing ?) With wee Sean representing the working classes both protestant and catholic. It was after Bloody Sunday 1972 made a descent into sectarian bloodshed inevitable that Garland took OIRA to ceasefire. (After a revenge attack on the Para barracks in which he was arrested but not charged)

So at the time I took early transfer to the LTR 1970 the situation and perception of it was changing. Initially the IRA was seen as the armed wing of a massive reds under the beds Soviet plan. And the IRA terrorist, plan setting out that it would infiltrate and recruit in the UK trades unions, did nothing to dispel the tory paranoia about lefties and class war.

When OIRA went to ceasefire in 72 what happened to their plans to infiltrate unions and to conduct sabotage against industry and agriculture ?

A question that has intrigued me. Did the INLA (which was a faction who broke from the ceasefire of OIRA) take a sabotage expertise (graduate level) and conduct sabotage whilst the British Security Services assumed that the threat had gone away with Garland's ceasefire ?

Airey Neave, murdered by INLA, was Head of the Science and Technology Cttee and had developed a fear . The West was ahead in quality of technology. But Russia was ahead in quantity of technologists. 50% of their Spetznaz graduate technologists. Whilst being paranoid about reds in the unions the country's skill base was shrinking and unionized. This was and is the country's anti Stage 3 IRA sabotage plan response force.

I suppose the PC Brigade would object to this but I have described the history as "From token binty to token tinty". As I think the old hands in MI5 seeing a possible troublesome anomaly in the situation put the rising dame Stella Rimmington in charge of industrial subversion. Years later The matter of sabotage had raised its head against a Kent manufacturer of generators in the period before Kent's Chief constable David Phillips was suddenly required to head up the privatized police training service and retired without notice ! Who shall we replace him with at this critical time ? Is there an Uncle Tom on the block to become the first black chief constable ? A bit cynical to believe that this was not so much buck passing as astute old operators avoiding the buck in the first place.

Imagine if you will that for every 600 take offs that passenger jets crash 11 times on take off. That is the reliability of backup generators on which our hospitals rely in power cuts and on which our nuclear plant rely for emergency shut down.

There is a serious problem of unreliability. I am confident that a part of that general picture of unreliability is due to sabotage some of which is graduate level in sophistication.

In 96 the IRA were pre-emptively arrested with viable plans to black out London and South East for six months. Part of the warning picture for that was contributed by me. I thought there was preparatory sabotage.

Tony Blair in 1998 acted oddly in my view.

(1) He secretly brought former Soviet grade weapons material to Dounreay for re-processing when there were reports of unreliability of backup power.

(2) He entered into the Good Friday Agreement without the Decommissioning Terms including poison, agricultural and industrial sabotage. Something Gen De Chasterlain has sent a report of concern about to the NI Secretary (when it was Mr Murphy)

Although Blair denies that the backup power failure at Dounreay in 98 occurred whilst the Soviet material was being processed I have to wonder. The failure incident triggered the four billion pound decommissioning. If the Soviet material had not been processed what happened to it ?

My position is that the debate on terror is bogus by being too focussed on the powers of the police. All the eggs in one basket. Interdiction. If Plan A don't work then what emergency infrastructure do we have to mitigate an asymmetric warfare attack. Such as blackouts. My argument is that the police do not need more power but they need better information for which we should legislate.

Our reserve forces were a traditional eyes and ears in industry and expertise in depth base for our regular forces. What has happened to that ?

The Health and safety at Work Act does not even designate failures of hospital emergency power as reportable incidents. So no one looks and thinks there is rather a lot of failures (I pointed this out some years ago and a specialist compnay called Sandberg were given a restrictive terms of reference contract to investigate).

Health and safety investigators at Dounreay have no case reference to situations in which backup power has failed at civil keypoints. Because there is no investigations outside the nuclear industry.

The situation is farcical. We have anti terrorist people in offices. On the wall is the IRA Garland Plan. No Stage 3 sabotage lads all we have to do is look for bombs and bullets. The fact is no one in authority is looking or investigating in order to report suspect sabotage incidents to the specialist anti terrorist officers.

Further along the wall is a memo chart re 9 11. The backup genny system went rogue and pumped 12000 gallons of diesel into the fires ensuing from the aircraft impacts.

Anyway here is the petition address to our lord and master GB

If anyone fancies signing up ... thanks. And of course the thread provides the usual facility for anti knockknee commentary. Best wishes anyway.

If it came to it we would all be on the same side and because I am such a boring fart I would get the corporal's single room and you lot would be dormed up.

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