Bogus spy 'took students on run'

How do students allow themselves to be conned into situations like this. Didn’t this happen last year too?

A man conned three students into going on the run from imaginary IRA terrorists, a court has heard.

Over a 10-year period three other women were also conned into giving him access to their bank accounts, the court heard.

Robert Hendy-Freegard, 33, of the High Street in Blythe, Notts, is accused of taking money from his victims and forcing them to endure squalid lives.

Blackfriars Crown Court, London, was told he persuaded the three that he was an MI5 agent, their lives were in danger and only he could help them.

Mr Atkinson gave evidence that Mr Hendy-Freegard blindfolded him and punched him, saying he needed toughening up and to learn some control (what, bladder control??).

Mr Hendy-Freegard denies charges of theft, kidnap and threats to kill.

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This proves - yet again - that there is one born every minute.
'[The defendant] befriended 34-year-old John Atkinson who was told he had been singled out for a mission investigating an active IRA cell in [Harpers Adams Agricultural] college."

This was the premise of a silly, short-lived television show during the early '80s. I believe it was called "Come Spy With Me."

The lead character was an agent of the Central Intelligence Agency who recruited ordinary American pedestrians to become espionage agents because the "other side" had no dossiers on these new recruits.

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