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Several years ago, a story ran in one of the dailys regarding a woman who'd married a para, only to discover he wasn't anything of the sort. Usual drill: been here & there, done this & that. Loads of medals etc. I seem to remember it appearing in the Daily Mail - as that's about the only paper I've read with anything approaching consistency. Unfortunately, I have been unable to find any such story on the various archives. I don't have a date, but I'm sure it ran somewhere between 2000-2006.

I distinctly remember the picture in the paper of the bloke and his missus. He was in 1s and sported a stable belt which instantly outed him IMHO. The individual concerned is NOT any of the others already immortalised on these hallowed pages. Does anyone else remember this story? Does anyone else remember the bloke's name? Over to the power of ARRSE.



There was an ex TA bloke on here the other week pretending to be a PARA. He was also pretending to be a himself some real tits as well!

Talk about kicking the arrse out of a wind-up!
Wasn't it a Canadian bird?
He was mentioned on ARRSE at the time, I think it's somewhere in the depths of the Walt thread.
Barry simkins

It was actually really sad because he'd spent about fifteen years in 9 para sqn RE , I mean he'd done the hard part, why not just transfer. 8O
I have just re-read your post buckfelize and realised you are on about someone else, I remember him in a TV documentary about walts a fair few years ago on ITV.

He had failed as a para in training, then married a bird and lied to her for several years, he even went to work in his uniform and changed in the car for his job at tescos, her mum got suspicious and called the army and they told her the truth.

Can't for the life of me remember any more details.Circa 2001 I think.

There was also a police walt claiming dole who told his missus he was undercover in a shitty council estate and he needed to live there and sign on to fit in.

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